178 Revelations from August, 2018: Destination in Sight

178 Revelations from August, 2018: Destination in Sight by UNCola via The Burning Platform

By Doug “Uncola” Lynn via TheBurningPlatform.com

In this blogger’s continued effort to link internet headlines from various link-aggregating websites as documented transitions and arrange them into catalogued anthologies – August 2018, like July, proved to be another very busy month as patterns in the matrix became clearer on the way to the 2018 Midterm Elections.

There seemed to be several developments in early August that had updates later in the month.  For example, it was reported that Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, was willing to tell Special Counsel Robert Mueller about Trump’s “conspiracy to collude” with Russia . This was later discredited as being leaked by Cohen’s attorney, Lanny Davis; and for which Davis later said was a lie.  Additionally, there were several other line-items that transitioned later in the month thus making the previous headlines “old news”.

For these reasons, and in the interest of brevity for the reader, I decided NOT to post a separate full list like was done in July and instead, list the items this blogger would consider as the more relevant milestones on the way to America’s undetermined future. These would primarily include headlines concerning the November Midterms, Trump versus the world, lawlessness, and Big Brother rising.

I began documenting these “transition” pieces last spring in an effort to track real trends based upon actual news, instead of political spin and empty promises; smoke and mirrors.  In the eyes of this blogger, the trends have been identified and they do not bode well for the times ahead in the United States.  Therefore, my curiosity satisfied, I am not planning to post any more transition pieces for the immediate future.  This will be the last one.

The nation’s trajectory now seems locked and I would prefer to reserve my efforts in the hopes of writing stand-alone pieces over the next several months.  As the reader can imagine, it takes much effort to assemble these compilations, and quite honestly, it has become tedious.  Besides, if any major course changes occur in the next weeks and months, I would rather write about them as opposed to merely assembling headlines anyway.

Consequently, and with that in mind, the items below represented what I considered to be the most identifiable 178 signposts for August, 2018.

Again, for the reader’s convenience, the revelations are sorted into the same category headings that were utilized last month and the month prior.  For those in a hasty hurry and wanting to bypass the pettifogging particulars, there are some concluding comments at the very end:

The American Experiment

1.) In advance of America’s 2018 Midterm Elections, a Bloomberg analysis of Federal Election Commission data showed that a record number of Democratic challengers were outraising their GOP opponents.

2.) The online fundraising platform ActBlue surged past the $1 billion markin contributions to Democratic candidates and causes in this election cycle.

3.) A lone, but very powerful, federal judge in Washington D.C. ordered the Trump administration to restart (in full) the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DREAMERS) program.

4.)  Regarding the 2018 Midterm Elections, NBC News reported that 65 races will decide control of the U.S. House of Representatives and how the Democrats could take control.

5.)  The New York Times questioned if a “Rainbow Wave” was in the works due to fact that 2018 had more L.G.B.T. candidates than ever.

6.) It was reported that President Donald Trump had casted the “midterms as a referendum on himself”; even as he “derided the intelligence of one of the nation’s most prominent African-American men”, the NBA basketball star Lebron James.

7.)  As Michelle Obama helped to launch a voter signup drive ahead of the 2018 Midterm Elections, it was reported that women were poised to take charge in a Democratic Party majority in the U.S. House.

8.)  It was reported that former President Barack Obama had “formally retained legal counsel over numerous potential criminal indictments for actions while he was President”.

9.) The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently reportedthat more than half a million girls in the U.S. have undergone female genital mutilation (FGM). “The recent findings coincide with a 2015 report released by the Population Reference Bureau (PRB)”. The PRB report noted that an “increase in the number of immigrants from African and Middle Eastern countries was the primary reason behind the rising FGM rates in the U.S.”

10.) Police captured an illegal immigrant posing with his “daughter” whom he was raping.  A DHS official noted that the illegal alien, Ramon Pedro, arrived with a young girl he claimed was his daughter at the Ysleta Port of Entry in Texas in mid-April. After Pedro and his claimed daughter was hospitalized for tuberculosis testing, U.S. authorities discovered she was not related to him in any way and was being systematically sexually abused by him.

11.) The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said more than 600,000 foreigners overstayed U.S. visas in 2017.

12.)  In an obvious attempt to further invalidate and undermine the U.S. Election System, a Democratic Senator claimed the Russians had penetrated some Florida voter registration systems.  But Florida election officials said there was no evidence of the Russians breaching voter systems.

13.) Heavily armed” Muslim Extremists, who trained 11 children to commit school shootings, were arrested in New Mexico.  Days later a New Mexico judge agreed to release the five suspects against the wishes of both the sheriff’s department and the FBI.  The judge, while effectively “admonishing the prosecution for Islamophobia” said the state “failed to meet the burden of showing the suspects were a danger to the community”.  This, in spite of the fact authorities found “a dead child’s remains on the compound, and an alleged letter sent from one suspect to his brother inviting him to come to New Mexico and die as a martyr”.

14.) According to New Mexico prosecutors, authorities executed a court order to destroy the encampment where the son of a famous New York Imam ritualistically murdered his three-year-old son and trained nearly a dozen other children to commit school shootings.

15.)  Because educated women, young people, and independents “are energized”, it was reported that Democrats have enough to win over 24 seats in the 2018 Midterm Elections, thus taking control of the U.S. House of Representatives for the first time since 2010.

16.) A University of Albany professor predicted that Trump voters will “provoke violence” on a grand scale when Donald Trump departs from the Oval Office because of their “white racial resentment, anxiety and anger about immigration, rural consciousness, and commitment to conservative Christian values”; which also makes Trump voters “particularly inclined to embrace propaganda”.

17.) It was revealed that more than half of foreign refugees are on taxpayer-funded food stamps.

18.)  More Republican seats joined the 2018 Midterm Election “toss up column” as progressive candidates bounced back in key Midwest races.

19.) After primaries in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Vermont and Connecticut – the Washington Post declared President Donald Trump the “big winner” and “king of Republican primary politics” setting up competitive races for Senate, House and gubernatorial seats in the 2018 Midterm Elections this November.

20.) Rasmussen reported that Black voter support for President Trump nearly doubled to 36%.

21.) CNN officially crossed the line in “offering moral cover for those who engage in political violence” against Trump supporters “calling for the left’s political opponents to be “stamped out”.

22.) Muslims held a massive rally chanting “allahu akbar” in the home of the Minnesota Vikings, USBank Stadium.

23.) An election handicapper shifted 10 House races toward Democrats for the upcoming 2018 Midterm Elections.

24.) Reuters–Ipsos survey found that 70% of Americans (85% Democrats and 52% Republicans) supported “Medicare for all”.

25.) Lawyers close to the White House said the Trump administration is nowhere near prepared for the investigatory onslaught that awaits them if the Democrats win the house in the 2018 Midterms; and claimed that as “among the greatest threats to his presidency”.

26.) It was reported that Hollywood was launching an “unprecedented” campaign to affect the 2018 Midterm Elections.

27.) Some Republicans claimed President Trump’s actions over the summer amounted to a series of costly errors that distracted from the party’s strong economic message and raised doubts about whether the GOP can keep control of the House, and perhaps the Senate, in the upcoming midterm elections.

Capitalism & Marxism

28.) Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro admitted his socialist economic model has “failed” in the wake of food and medicine shortages and public service paralysis in a country where nothing works anymore.

29.) Lack of food pushed 2.3 million people to flee the socialist nation of Venezuela.

30.)  Reuters reported that consumers were being squeezed by inflation, gas prices, and tariffs.

31.)  As Barack Obama came “out of relative political hiding to endorse an array of Democratic candidates in the midterm elections” who, if they win, will no doubt hide the former president’s complicity in SPYGATE, he curiously neglected to endorse his political soulmate, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez; who other Progressive Democrats have labeled as “lightening in a bottle”.

32.) The Young Democratic Socialists of America organization now claims to have more than 250 chapters on campuses across the country, a dramatic increase from just 15 chapters in 2016; as a Virginia Commonwealth University student campaigned to become Co-Chair of the Young Democratic Socialists of America, saying the organization is “insufficiently socialist”.

33.)  The Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics said a record 155,965,000 people were employed in July, the 11th record-breaker since President Trump took office 19 months ago.

34.) Total nonfarm payrolls increased by 157,000, below the 190,000 expected in a Reuters survey of economists and the lowest gain since March.

35.) According to data released today by the Bureau of Labor Statistics: Manufacturing jobs in the United States increased by 37,000 in July and have now increased by 400,000 since Donald Trump became president.

36.)  The Bureau of Labor Statistics also reported that the unemployment for Hispanic workers again plumbed a new record low in July.

37.)  The U.S. Commerce Department said the trade deficit rose 7% in Juneto “mark the first increase in four months, keeping the U.S. on track to post the largest annual gap in a decade even as the Trump White House escalates tariffs in an effort to bring it down”.

38.)  As the far-left communists of “antifa” clashed with the Trump-supporting Patriot Prayer in Portland, Oregon – face-masked police, equipped with military gear, prevented the groups from harming each other; except for a few relatively minor incidents.

39.) The New York Times reported that “vanishing pensions, soaring medical expenses” and “inadequate savings” were creating a bankruptcy boom among older Americans.

40.)  It was reported that optimism among small-business owners reached its highest point in the 15-year history of the Wells Fargo/Gallup Small Business Index.

41.) After the Democratic Party’s rising star, the socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, held a whirlwind tour of the U.S. in order to parlay her Marxist populism into helping other Socialist candidates win Democratic Primary races – all of the candidates Ocasio-Cortez endorsed, lost their respective races.

42.) It was reported that core inflation had soared at its fastest pace since 2008.

43.) The U.S. budget deficit soared as the nation’s spending on interest hit an all-time high, and the cost of living rose at the fastest rate in a decade.

44.) It was reported that the U.S. Government collected record individual income taxes but still ran a $683.9B deficit.

45.) U.S. household debt hit a record $13.3 trillion.

46.)  It was reported that U.S. retail sales increased strongly in July.

47.) Against the protestations of reporters, the Democratic Socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, barred the press from a town hall meeting “so people would feel safe”.

48.) The Wall Street Journal reported that luxury apartment sales had plummeted 31% as other financial media outlets reported on “stalling housing indicators” and “waning manufacturing optimism”.

49.) The Census Bureau reported that 52.1% of kids lived in households receiving means-tested government Assistance.

50.) President Trump declared the “market would crash” if Democrats impeached him.

51.) The Atlanta Fed raised GDP forecast to 4.6%.

52.) Stocks jumped as the United States and Mexico closed a new trade deal.

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