THE IDEOLOGICAL WAR Video – Stefan Molyneux

Question: “You have always compared religion to government, in the sense that you say that atheists have ripped away religion from people and left them stranded with nothing. No moral basis, or anything.

Please correct me if I’m wrong or misunderstand you. You make the analogy that the religious were in a church, and atheists ripped that church apart, without providing an alternative for morality, or whatever the religion was providing, which you seem to view as a necessity for humans (for reasons I still don’t understand).

Why do you think that removing (the delusional) governments would not have the same destructive effect as removing (the delusional) religions? Don’t you think there are destructive effects of removing governments, just like removing religions? Don’t you think that humans are hard-wired to seek authority?”


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Stefan Molynueux

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