Eagle Forum Speaks Out on Con-Con Con (Video)

Eagle Forum Speaks Out on Con-Con Con Video – Bill Still

As we pointed out in Still Report 2350, the dangers of a new Constitutional Convention is really a Con-Con con job.

This afternoon, I spoke to Janine Hansen, the Constitutional Issues Chairman for Eagle Forum, the outfit Phyllis Schlafly founded.
What a shocker. I didn’t realize how close we came last year to triggering an Article V Constitutional Convention. According to Janine – who is probably the leading expert in these matters for the home team:

“In an unprecedented victory this session of the Nevada Legislature, all Republicans and all Democrats in the State Senate and Assembly voted unanimously to pass SJR10 which repealed all previous Nevada Legislative Article V applications including the so called Balanced Budget Amendment.

This was so important because nationally the BBA had amassed 31 of the 34 state applications needed to call for a Convention. Their efforts are remarkably well funded. However the push back is happening. In 2016 Delaware rescinded all of their previous applications and this year. New Mexico, Maryland and finally Nevada rescinded all previous Article V’s taking the BBA Article V efforts back to 27 states.”

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