The Persistence of Their Delusion is Despicable

The Persistence of Their Delusion is Despicable By Doug “Uncola” Lynn via

As I’ve written of before, I’m part of a group of men that meet for breakfast on some weekends as a result of our shared involvement in a community organization.  A few weeks ago, I dined with two of the men who seemed genuinely excited about the upcoming Blue Wave they believe will occur in the November midterm elections.

One of the men, a business owner self-identifying as a Republican, said that after much thought and analysis, Hillary Clinton would have made a better president than Donald Trump.  The other man, who is a physician, is by any definition a rainbow-flag waving Cultural Marxist.

When I explained to them my perspectives, they said I needed to “quit watching the lies on Fox News”.  At one point during our conversation, the RINO (Republican in Name Only) said the Deep State did not exist.  When I asked if he would acknowledge the influence of unelected government officials throughout the “swamp”, he simply stated again “there was no Deep State”.

And so began conversations that extended over the next several days.

When I told them “it wasn’t just Fox News” and texted them both links to books documenting the corruption of the Clintons and the existence of the Deep State – the RINO said he would read none of it.

I replied with: “Most people don’t want to know, and that’s why a Blue Wave is possible”.

At this point, the conversation bifurcated into separate exchanges:  One with the RINO and the other with the Doctor.

For me, it was just another couple of online shitfests. Yawn.


I began by showing how the phony Russian investigation was utilized to undermine Candidate Trump and later to subvert the constitutionally elected president. At the same time, I addressed the apparent collusion between the shadow state and the handful of corporations which I called Mainstream Media.

I also addressed the Uranium One scandal as well as the inappropriateness of Rod Rosenstein, Robert Mueller, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and others in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Department of Justice (DoJ) investigating Donald Trump.

My RINO friend, in turn, brought up how Ukraine gave both Paul Manafort (former Trump Campaign Chair) and the Podesta brothers (Democratic Party Lobbyist + Hillary Clinton Campaign Chair) money as a way to “hedge their bets across the board”.

In response, I pointed out that only those with ties to Trump were being prosecuted and how Manafort’s indictments, and trial, had provided “great media cover” for the April 2018 congressional criminal referrals of James Comey, Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, and Lisa Page.

As we continued our conversation by texting, I was surprised when my RINO friend, out of apparent respect for me, said he ordered Jerome R. Corsi’s book “Killing the Deep State”.  I told him I’d not read that book but, for the record, I considered Trump as the manifestation of one of the following three possibilities:


A.) The Real Thing


B.) Serving the agenda of the global financial elite unwittingly


C.) Controlled opposition as a Judas Goat or Trojan Horse


If B or C, he was installed to bleed the remaining air out of the brake-lines before America’s “big stop”.  If A, then Trump was truly at war against the Financial-Military Industrial Complex.

The RINO said it could actually be “D”, that Trump was an “incompetent boob”, and added that it wasn’t logical for the Deep State, even if it existed, to have allowed both the U.S. house and senate to go “red” – because, if everything I said was true, then – didn’t that prove the Deep State didn’t exist?

He said:  “Logic, Dude. Logic”.

As a continuation of our previous conversations, where I claimed Trump may have been installed as a modern day Herbert Hoover, I asked my friend, the RINO:  “Why Hillary? What has she done, ever, except stand by her man, the only president in modern times to have been impeached for lying under oath.  Why rig the primaries for Hillary and not Bernie?”

“Logic.” I said: “Logic”.

The RINO then said “if the federal government was that powerful, the people would revolt”.

I responded that I believed fractional reserve banking had centralized financial power via a small of group of titans operating out of the International Bank of Settlements and that the Captive Corporate Media prohibited any revolt via misinformation and by the hypnotic power of suggestion. Toward that end, I also referenced the authors Carroll Quigley and Edward Bernays:

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