Time to Stand-To…or Stand Down

Time to Stand-To…or Stand Down By Tim “xrugger” Stebbins for The Burning Platform

The Problem

The substance of this particular rant finds its roots in three premises: First, that the depth and pervasiveness of federal corruption precludes any possibility of a peaceful reformation of the institutions of national government. Second, that a majority of the population of this nation have become so morally compromised, spiritually deadened, and economically dependent that they will be incapable of surviving any meaningful reform of our national institutions, peaceful or otherwise. Third, that excising the cancerous tumor, which sits astride the Potomac, will almost certainly lead to some level of societal breakdown and the ensuing chaos and violence will result in the destruction of a large part of the current population.

Can any thinking person doubt that the national government has moved so far beyond the boundaries set for it by the Founders as to be unrecognizable to both them and the posterity they enshrined in the Preamble? To be fair, the sad story of human governance tells us that when any sovereignty entity (be it an individual, a city, or a state) relinquishes any portion of that sovereignty to a more central authority, the result is never more liberty. The seeds of tyranny sprouted in the national soil before the ink was dry on the Constitution. If there existed one day of true liberty in this country, it was the day before the signing of that document. Everything after has been yet another chapter in the endless struggle of free men against those who would twist and pervert any good thing in order to lord it over their fellow men. Once the original colonies relinquished their sovereignty to a central power there could be no other result than the federal carbuncle that afflicts the nation today. Lincoln’s War only accelerated the consolidation of federal power, but that is a subject for another day.

The fact that it has taken nearly two and a half centuries for the United States to reach its present state of decay is a testament, not only to the quality of the Founders and their ability to craft a government conducive to ordered liberty, but also to the quality of the citizenry throughout much of that time. Sadly, the same cannot be said of those who govern us today. Neither can it be said of a majority of the governed. Whether a debauched citizenry is a reflection of a corrupted ruling class or the reverse matters not. Proper blame assignment does nothing to pierce the choking cloud of corrupted governance that belches from the halls of Congress like smoke from a factory chimney. A miasma of authoritarianism hangs over the country, little noticed by a population no longer fit to govern themselves. After all, if you are not doing anything wrong, then you have nothing to worry about. So say the semi-literate future helots of the American Tyranny.

Scanning the horizon for the thunderheads of the coming storm holds no allure for a people content to look down at a machine rather than lift their eyes to the dangers that beset them. Gazing into the maw of the federal beast poised to devour whatever liberty remains to them is not an activity congruent with the oblivious nature of most Americans. Ignorance is, if not bliss, then at least a false contentment. Look not to the mass of the people to re-ignite the American experiment. They have relinquished that ability to the gods of convenience, physical and mental decay, and an unquenchable desire for bread and circuses.

 McCain as Metaphor

As much as I would rather not add to the avalanche of opprobrium directed at him on this and other similar sites, I suppose I must admit that what triggered this essay is the death of John McCain. I was at the hardware store when an overly gregarious fellow denizen of the fasteners isle felt compelled to inform me of McCain’s demise. Almost without thinking I barked, “Good!” Well, let’s just say the look of shock produced by my retort was nothing short of profound and, thankfully, cut short any further conversation.

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