President Trump Has Censorship in The Crosshairs

President Trump Has Censorship in The Crosshairs by Rory – The Daily Coin

If you still believe in America. If you still believe we have the right to speak our mind; if you still believe in God given rights, please sign this petition – Sign the White House petition at this link We have to start somewhere and this seems like as good a start pointing as any.

Good things come to those that wait – I have been very patient with this issue for some time.
It’s about time someone, like the President of the United States, finally stepped up and may take action against the “big 4” censorship corporations. These people have ruined hundreds if not, thousands of websites and video channels.

The President just tweeted the following


If anyone has searched for The Daily Coin articles you will find that google has all but shut this website out of their search engine. Google also serves as the main resource for most all other search engines. When you search on Duck Duck Go or Start Page, you are in fact using a form of google. Their algorithms run the search not the website you think is running the search. Over the course of three days google de-indexed 135,000 pages of The Daily Coin’s work from searches.

Today, almost daily, I get a report showing what has been de-indexed – averages about 7 pages per day for the past 14 months or so. YouTube shut down my ability to acquire new subscribers over a year ago – this went on for several months – then loosened the shackles. Now, it is well known that YouTube shadow bans subscribers from receiving updates about new works being published.

Back in March 2018 YouTube changed their algorithm to truly up the ante on shadow banning. My videos were averaging approximately 5,000 views per video – which was down from well north of 8,000 – and today if they reach 2,000 it is nothing short of a miracle. Facebook banned me, but somehow a few of my articles are still being published.

Please do not share any of The Daily Coin’s work on Facebook, I do not wish to be on that NSA database any longer.

Twitter has been well documented as to their shadow banning and blatant censorship of conservative voices while at the same time allowing violent, criminal tweets to live on and on and on even after having them brought to their attention. The tweets about Barron Trump are just one example of how truly one sided the suppression of free speech has become.

I hope either Anti-trust laws, RICO laws or a combination are brought against these companies. They have been operating as publishers and as such are not allowed, under Constitutional law, to censor, in any form, speech. If anyone uses any of the “big 4” well, you already know how far outside the law these companies operate.

Hat-tip to Louis Cammarosano, smaulgld, for sending the tweets from the President. It is greatly appreciated and is this inspiration for this article.


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