Knowledge Capital Excursion: Defensive Training

Knowledge Capital Excursion: Defensive Training by Adam Taggart – Peak Prosperity

If you own a firearm, do you know how to use it safely?

A month ago, we asked the Peak Prosperity audience if folks had any interest in meeting up with Chris and me in the real world to learn and hone resiliency skills.

As we said then:

Longtime Peak Prosperity readers are familiar with our 8 Forms Of Capital framework for building resilience into your life. The truly resilient person is rich across all 8 Forms.

Knowledge Capital is arguably one of the most important of these Forms because it’s what you use to create value (which you can exchange for other Forms of capital). And it can never be taken from you.

So given that importance, Chris and I have been in the works of designing a series of Knowledge Capital Excursions, where Peak Prosperity readers can join us out in the real world to get “hands on” learning of key resilience skills.

The response from PP users was overwhelmingly supportive of this idea. Over 80% rated it either a 4 or 5 out of 5.

An opportunity has come along quite seredipitously that we think is a good candidate for our first event in this series: a 4-day defensive handgun training course focused on instructing people who already own firearms on how to use and care for them safely.

The program is being offered to us at a tremendous discount and is run by highly-experienced instructors at a world-class training facility.

We know that interest in this outing is strong: several dozen users have already signed up for this experience — which takes place in Pahrump, NV from Sep 28-Oct 1, 2018 — even though we haven’t mentioned it very much on the site.

But we’re mentioning it now as we’ve just learned there are only 12 spots left for additional folks to join us.

So if this is something that may interest you (and we recommend that anyone who owns a hangun and stores it in their home consider this), read below for more details about the event. Those available spaces may not last for much longer.

Also, given the high level of interest in these Knowledge Capital Excursions, I’ve reached out to leading sustainable farmer Joel Salatin about producing a dedicated event his family farm, Polyface Farms, exclusively for Peak Prosperity members in 2019. If that’s an experience you may want to participate in, click here to indicate your interest to us and we’ll let you know when more details are available.




If You Own A Gun, Know How To Use It Safely

The folks at Firearms Training Advocates approached us recently about an intensive 4-day gun safety and training course that they offer. FTA’s mission is to increase firearms safety through professional training.

Given record recent gun sales in the US, FTA believes it’s critically important to their own safety and the safety of others, that firearms owners receive professional training. In support of this goal, FTA offers access to world-class firearms training courses in Nevada, outside Las Vegas.

And they’ve come to us with a 4-day firearms safety package they’ve put together for Peak Prosperity members. One that Chris and I think looks pretty good.

We both own guns for food procurement and home defense, but we don’t train with them as much as we should. And we figure there are lot of other folks like us out there.

So we thought, for PP members who own guns and could benefit from advancing their targeting and safety skills, this would be a good inaugural Knowledge Captial-building excursion.

Here’s what FTA has put together for us:

  • Dates: Sep 28- Oct 1, 2018
  • Location: Pahrump, NV
  • Program: 4-Day Defensive Handgun Training
  • Program Costs:
    • Program fee = FREE to PP members (a $2,000 value)
    • Handgun rental = FREE to PP members (a $169 value). You can bring your own gun(s), if you wish.
    • Ammunition = ~$13 per box of 50
    • Background check fee: $50 (this is mandatory)
  • Travel, Meals and Lodging: You’ll need to pick these up. FTA is arranging affordable carpooling and a hotel where we can stay as a group.

We’ll all be participating in the same Peak Prosperity group for this long weekend — we’ll train together, eat meals together, and stay at the same hotel.

And we’re pretty much getting the handgun training experience for free. You’d just need to get yourself there, and pay for your background check and ammunition, meals and lodging.

If you think you might like to participate and take one of the remaining 12 spots in this excursion, click the button below to email FTA and request more information:

We hope to see you at this gathering, or at a future Peak Prosperity Knowledge Capital Excursion!

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