Gun Grabbers of New York – No 3D Printed Guns – Defy Federal Orders

Gun Grabbers of New York – No 3D Printed Guns – Defy Federal Orders by Rory – The Daily Coin

The gun grabbers in New York have used the New York District Court to overturn the Depart of State’s order allowing 3D printed guns. While I’m not really a fan of these guns, for a number of reasons, I am less of a fan of more government control, especially when it comes to firearms. Still not sure what part of “Shall not be infringed upon” is so difficult to understand. If the gun-grabbers would settled down and stop calling for a ban of this weapon or that weapon there probably would never be a need for a ghost gun.

Why aren’t the gun-grabbers singing the praises of the following: Oh that’s right, because the truth hurts and is very, very inconvenient to their lies, deceit and propganda.


So, while liberals are happy they have won, for the moment, a small victory in their efforts to disarm ALL Americans, they will ultimately lose even more credibility. These idiots are still floating on a cloud of some kind of “blue wave” coming to save the day in November. My guess is the blue wave is going to look something like this: In the meantime we can see the loyalist to disarming law abiding citizens are singing the praises of the bigger government, just like a good little liberal would,


There are plenty more where that came from. I wonder if they will be applauding when the table turns and the bigger government they are screaming for and applauding begins coming after one of the God given rights that protects them in a way that is meaningful. Probably won’t be much applause. The difference is, we, the Constitution loving, law abiding citizens that stand up for the Second Amendment will stand with them to protect their rights, because we know that ALL OF OUR RIGHTS must be protected and NEVER allowed to be swallowed by a handful of liberal, progressives that are clueless to the laws and the Constitution.


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