Europe is shaking off American attempts to isolate Russia

Europe is shaking off American attempts to isolate Russia By  Russia-Insider

There are signs that the efforts to isolate and even destroy Russia are crumbling. While England and the main entrenched power structure in the United States won two significant “victories” in their efforts to waylay US President Trump’s efforts to improve Russian-American relations, two of Europe’s most important nations moved in the same period of time to cement and improve relations with Moscow.

The first incident was reported here on The Duran as Germany’s deal with Russia to build the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline was cemented in reality:

Germany needs Russian gas. Russian gas is substantially more cost effective than US LNG hauled all the way from the States, and at the end of the day, Angela Merkel needs Nord Stream 2 to keep her in power. Putin knows this, and so during his meeting with Merkel in Berlin, a confident Russian President laid down the positive economic realities for Germany and the precarious position of Ukraine gas transit.

Putin and Merkel did discuss a variety of hot button issues other than Nord Stream 2 including the war in Syria, the situation in Ukraine and Iran. But the most pressing issue discussed was Nord Stream 2.

Investors needed a strong signal that the project is a go… despite POTUS Trump’s rhetoric regarding the pipeline at last month’s NATO summit in Brussels.

This is certainly a logical move, and the Russians are great at living and handling matters in a logical manner. So are the Germans. Perhaps President Trump knew this – it is almost impossible to imagine that he would really believe it is cheaper for Germany or any European country to buy LNG from the United States when Russia has a huge supply of it right next door, so to speak. But what is significant is Germany’s simple recognition of this fact, despite the pressure from the US to buy American. It is eminently logical to get supplies from a close source.

Advantage: Russia. Disadvantage: American Deep State.

The second action comes from the French. In a news piece released by TASS, French President Emmanuel Macron noted that the European Union cannot rely on the US for security, and called for greater cooperation with Russia:

French President Emmanuel Macron… called for involving Russia in the process of providing security in Europe, he stated on Monday during an annual meeting of ambassadors that focused on France’s foreign policy.

Europe can no longer rely on the US to provide its security. It is up to us today to take our responsibilities and guarantee our own security, and thus have European sovereignty. We have to draw all necessary conclusions from the end of the Cold War,” Macron added.

This amplified European sovereignty requires reviewing the architecture of European security and defense system, by starting a new dialogue on cybersecurity issues, chemical weapons, conventional weapons, territorial conflicts, space security, the protection of polar regions, and particularly doing it in cooperation with Russia,” the president said.

“I call for us to start considering these issues with our partners in the broadest sense of the word, that is, with Russia,” Macron stressed. He noted “a mandatory prerequisite for achieving real progress in relations with Moscow is significant progress in regulating the Ukrainian crisis. Also, adherence to the regulations introduced by the OSCE with regards to the observers’ status in Donbass.

“However, this should not hinder us doing work in European countries right now on all these issues, and I am counting on you in this,” the French president addressed the ambassadors. According to him, in the upcoming months, he will provide a project for strengthening European security.

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