New Rolls Royce Silver Shadow Comes with Real Silver

New Rolls Royce Silver Shadow Comes with Real Silver from Schiff Gold

How would you like to own a silver Rolls Royce?

I mean literally silver.

Now’s your chance.

The classic luxury car company is rolling out a limited-edition commemorative Silver Ghost – with actual silver incorporated into the design.  As the AutoBlog put it, the four-door Rolls features judicious use of the precious metal.

Because, you know, a regular old Rolls isn’t expensive enough.

The new Silver Ghost pays homage to the original 1907 car that put the company on the map. The 12th 40/50 hp model Rolls-Royce was prepared to serve as the company’s demo vehicle. It got its name due to its silver paint job.

Charles Rolls and Claude Johnson drove the original Silver Ghost to a record non-stop motor run. The duo traveled from London to Glasgow 27 times – covering 14,371 consecutive miles, a distance unheard of at the time. That cemented Rolls Royce’s reputation as “the best car in the world.”

I want you to pause for a moment here and consider exactly what those gentlemen accomplished. I don’t care if it’s a Rolls Royce. I don’t care if it was the best care in the world. It was 1907. That car was not comfortable. It certainly wasn’t comfortable bouncing along English roads that probably rivaled stretches of Ohio interstate for potholes and bumps. Judging by the clothing in the photo, it was probably cold. And damp. It was England after all. Talk about taking one for the team. Of course, they built that drive into a multi-million dollar car company that represents the epitome of luxury. So, they probably aren’t complaining.

Anyway, back to the new Silver Shadow – which I guaran-darn-tee you is comfortable.

According to the company, the new Shadow incorporates visual elements of the original, most noticeably the paint job. According to AutoBlog, the hand-painted coachline takes eight hours to apply and contains pure silver particles. You will also find open-pore tudor oak trim with silver inlays. The vehicle sports a solid silver Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament. I wouldn’t be able to park that in my neighborhood. The hood ornament would last approximately 67 seconds.

You should take a moment to watch the video. Your wallet will instantly feel lighter. Pour yourself a glass of champaign first and light up a Cuban cigar. The whole thing just drips with wealth, class and luxury.

So, you’re probably wondering how much this beauty costs. Well, if you’re asking, you probably can’t afford it. But I am nothing if not a thorough journalist, so I found the answer for you. It wasn’t easy. Rolls doesn’t advertise based on cost. You won’t find balloons and giant “sale” signs plastering your Rolls Royce showroom.

First, you should know the original 1907 Silver Shadow is considered the world’s most valuable car. It was insured at $35 million in 2005. I’d hate to have to write that check to Geico.

But hey, I’ve got good news. A 2018 Silver Shadow won’t set you back nearly that much. I found one on sale for under half-a-mil — $403,425 to be exact.

Here’s some even better news. You can just buy silver for a whole lot less. In fact, a recent Wells Fargo note to investors called silver the “best buy,” out there right now. And you won’t have to write another fat check to the Geico Gecko when you’re finished. To learn more about that, talk to a SchiffGold precious metals specialist today. Just call 1-888-GOLD-160.

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