Make Yourself 3 Times More Likely To Survive A Heart Attack

Make Yourself 3 Times More Likely To Survive A Heart Attack by: Patricia Bratianu RN PhD RH-AHG – Off the Grid News

The odds of surviving a heart attack have increased significantly over the past several decade, due to several factors.

Some measures include medications and high tech interventions, while others involve lifestyle changes which you can implement at home. Let’s begin by looking at beneficial herbs.

Consider The Benefits Of Herbs  

Herbs such as hawthorn and motherwort are excellent for the circulation. If you prefer to avoid medications which reduce cholesterol levels, consider using herbs to lower unhealthy levels of cholesterol. Herbs are effective, yet they do not deplete the body of coenzyme Q10, which pharmaceutical cholesterol lowering agents do. If you take medications to lower cholesterol, be sure to take a coenzyme Q10 supplement daily, as low levels of coenzyme Q10 may result in muscle pains, including pain in the heart muscle.

Two well-respected, large studies recently revealed that increasing fiber may prolong life after a heart attack by approximately nine years. Several studies indicate that fiber from grains is the most effective. While fiber and other nutrients from fruits and vegetables are healthy, the fiber in cereal is the type that results in increased longevity. Scientists do not understand the specific compound or mechanism behind these findings.

Much of the fiber contained in grains and cereals is soluble fiber. Soluble fiber lowers levels of unhealthy cholesterol and absorbs toxins from the body. This may be what makes fiber from grains and cereal effective.

Sadly, less than five percent of Americans consume the minimum recommended amounts of fiber each day. Women should consume a minimum of 25 grams each day. Men should aim for at least 38 grams daily.

Researchers found that for every 10 grams of fiber consumed, the risk of death decreased by 15 percent. They also discovered that people who ate the highest amounts of fiber reduced their risk of death by 25 percent over a nine-year period.

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