Safer Survival Distance From USA City Hordes

Safer Survival Distance From USA City Hordes by Ken Jorgustin – Modern Survival Blog

I built the following map of the United States (shown below) identifying 276 cities in the United States with population greater than 100,000 people.

I then drew a 300 mile diameter zone circled around each city (150 mile radius).

I chose the 150 mile radius as a distance which in my estimation approximates the average ‘reach’ of those (average people) who may choose to leave, evacuate, or bug out from the city region due to SHTF collapse while in search of safety, shelter, food & water.

I am not defining ‘SHTF’ in this instance (the specifics of which would affect choices of those considering whether to stay or go).

Rather I’m suggesting that “if” a bug out decision were to be made, the majority of those who leave, on average, will probably get no further than about 150 miles. And this presumes that they’re in a vehicle. Traveling on foot is a whole different ball game.

Why 150 miles? I based it on the average range of a typical vehicle (mpg x fuel tank size) coupled with the likelihood that on average people may have 1/2 tank at any one time. I also made the assumption that no additional fuel will be available.

That said, many or most may not leave at all.
Even if they do, there will be ‘issues’

– most people will believe the government will save them
– they have nowhere to go and feel safe at home
– no plan for evacuation
– will not leave the cities while there’s still time
– no survival kit, no bug-out bag, no 72-hour kit, no plan, etc..
– only 1/2 tank of gas or less in their vehicle
– traffic jams will inhibit or block major routes
– don’t know alternate routes out
– road blocks may impede travel
– inability to walk very far without major survival issues
– poor health
– many people are badly out of physical shape; difficulty on foot
– not prepared to survive without food at the grocery stores
– most cannot build a fire, shelter, etc…
– people will have false notions about where they will go
– even those well equipped may face difficulty if they don’t leave first
– abandoned cars, roads blocked, ambushes, desperate scavengers, hostility
– many believe that ‘bugging out’ is an easy fix

Why did I build the map? What’s the significance?

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