How the Deep State Impeaches Trump

How the Deep State Impeaches Trump by Bill Bonner – Bonner and Partners

Coming up the tracks from Washington… and getting up steam after the news of the last couple of days… is the ol’ Deep State Cannonball.

Headed in the opposite direction is the most over-aged, overpriced, and overhyped gravy train the world has ever seen… the 9:07 a.m. from New York’s financial district.

In the following few words, we watch… and wonder what will happen when the two crash into each other.

Sprouting Wings

Yes, Dear Reader, both locomotives are in motion. But reporters have their eyes only on the ol’ Cannonball.

They tell us that Trump and his closest associates are crooks. His personal lawyer admitted wrongdoing; his campaign manager was found guilty by a jury.

But now… a miracle – his former fixer lawyer has suddenly sprouted wings!

The metamorphosis began, we are told, when Michael Cohen saw President Trump cozying up to Russian president Vladimir Putin. Filled with patriotic gas, Cohen couldn’t help himself. He turned bright white like the Archangel Gabriel.

And rising up out of a lifetime in the sewers of the Greater New York metropolitan area… finally, and apparently for the first time in his life… he decided to tell the truth.

The Donald did direct him to pay off Playboy models and porn stars to keep quiet, and, in doing so, break federal campaign finance law.

Coinciding with Cohen’s discovery of truth, it was also the first time in his life the putz faced a federal prosecutor with eight criminal violations in his back pocket.

But now, he’s seen the light; he’s been saved… Alleluia!…He’s also teamed up with the Clintons’ sleazeball fixer, Lanny Davis, who intends to use the tricks he learned defending Bill Clinton from impeachment charges to drive Donald J. Trump from office.

And now you can go to a website – – where you can donate money to encourage Cohen to remain in the angel band… and keep singing to the G-men.

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