Frank Curzio: Inflation is Picking Up & the Fed is Screwing Up…AGAIN?!! (Video)

Frank Curzio: Inflation is Picking Up & the Fed is Screwing Up…AGAIN?!! Video – Wall St for Main St

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St welcomed back returning guest, Wall Street veteran and the Founder and CEO of Curzio Research, Frank Curzio.

Frank’s bio:…

Frank writes a number of small cap investing newsletters and he’s considered one of the top small cap investment newsletter writers in the world.

Frank is also host of the popular Wall Street Unplugged podcast, which is one of the top investing podcasts on iTunes. Listen to the podcast here:…

During this 50+ long interview, Jason asks Frank about his father, Frank Curzio Sr, correctly predicting the 1987 stock market crash in advance, how he did it and what he would say about what the major central banks have done post 2008 financial crisis if he were still alive today?

Frank talks about how he thinks US banks are in way better shape than prior to the 2008 financial crisis and that the odds of another financial crisis being worse than 2008 are pretty low.

Frank thinks that there can be a 20-30% or larger stock market correction or crash but that the central banks will step in with a lot of interventions before letting another 2008 style crisis happen.

Frank thinks that inflation is picking up a lot in the real economy in the US and that the Federal Reserve is again making big mistakes with its monetary policy, especially continuing to hike rates.

Jason also asks Frank about stock market valuations for large cap dividend stocks, Frank’s investing methodology for finding winning small cap companies (especially biotechnology companies without a science background) and Frank’s opinion of commodities, gold and gold stocks.

Frank is no longer bullish on any gold stocks. He thinks gold could go lower and that some miners will indeed go bankrupt in the not too distant future.

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