The Press Conspire to Influence the Elections Come November 2018 to Overthrow Trump

The Press Conspire to Influence the Elections Come November 2018 to Overthrow Trump by Martin Armstrong – Armstrong Economics

The FAKE NEWS is banning together to try to overthrow Trump and the Republicans this election season. They do not like to be called FAKE NEWS and act as if their “opinion” should dominate the country. Far too many newspapers “endorse” candidates and that is taking a political position rather than being objective reporters of the news. The Boston Globe has been leading a charge to coordinate all the press in the country to target Trump and effectively overthrow the government. So many people from outside the USA are shocked at how Trump is treated by CNN. These people are FAKE NEWS for they believe that they have a right to CREATE the news and SHAPE it to what they want to see. The Boston Globe is one of the MOSTbiased newspapers and actually wrote on October 8th, 2016:

THIS ELECTION ISN’T a close call. Only one candidate on the ballot Nov. 8 belongs anywhere near the White House, and it’s Hillary Clinton.”

Murrow Edward R (1908-1965)

The Boston Globe claims “journalists are not the enemy” but in fact, they are the number one enemy. Free Press is not the right to push only their opinion. They report nothing!!!!! Once upon a time, a “news reporter” was someone who reported the news – they were not engaged in propaganda and manufacturing the news. OPINION has no place in reporting!!!! Edward R. Murrow had integrity. Even I cannot forecast a market based upon OPINION. You have to be objective at ALL times. ABC to news reporter Brian Ross had to resign because of fake news. Now a Harvard study published May 18th, 2017 reveals what many Americans are starting to talk about openly just how corrupt the press has become.

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Martin Armstrong

Martin Armstrong was born in New Jersey the son of a lawyer and Lt. Col under General Patton in World War II. Martin was encouraged by his father to get involved in computers during the mid-1960s. He completed engineering both in hardware and software but after being offered positions by a government contractor RCA in Thule Greenland, Guam, or Vietnam, he decided to go back to gold business that he had first began working while in High School to earn money for a family trip to Europe in 1964 for the summer. He continued to work on weekends through high school finding the real world exciting for this was the beginning of the collapse of the gold standard. Silver was removed from the coinage in 1965 and by 1968 gold began trading in bullion form in London. The gold standard collapse entirely in the summer of 1971 and gold became legal to trade in America during 1975 in bullion form. Previously, the market for gold had always been in coin form as long as they were dated prior to 1948.