Helen Caldicott: The Threat of Nuclear Annihilation in 2018 (Video)

Helen Caldicott: The Threat of Nuclear Annihilation in 2018 Video – GRTV

TDC Note – If you’re not familiar with Dr. Helen Caldicott you should be. She is one of the worlds foremost authorities on nuclear power, nuclear waste and nuclear reactions. This is a very rare treat that we should all take full advantage.


This exclusive interview for GRTV features one of the world’s leading anti-nuclear advocates, Dr. Helen Caldicott, addressing the threat of a deliberate or accidental nuclear war 73 years after the first nuclear device was used on a human population.

Dr. Caldicott discusses the recent revelation of personnel responsible for safe-guarding hundreds of missiles with nuclear payloads also operating an LSD ring. She also talks about the consequences of a nuclear exchange, some close calls in the past, and what Canadians can reasonably do to eliminate or at least reduce the threat.

Dr. Helen Caldicott is an author, physician and one of the world’s leading anti-nuclear campaigners. She hel;ped re-invigorate the group Physicians for Social Responsibility, acting as President from 1978-1983. Since its founding in 2001, she has served as President of the U.S. based Nuclear Policy Research Institute, later called Beyond Nuclear, which initiates symposia and educational projects aimed at informing the public about the dangers of nuclear power, nuclear weapons, and nuclear war. She was the subject of the 1982 Academy Award-winning documentary short ‘If You Love This Planet.’ Her latest book: ‘Sleep-Walking to Armageddon: The Threat of Nuclear Annihiliation’ featuring some of the world’s leading nuclear scientists and thought leaders addressing the political and scientific dimensions of today’s nuclear war threat.

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