Beets Nutrition For Health & Survival Garden Calories

Beets Nutrition For Health & Survival Garden Calories by Ken Jorgustin – Modern Survival Blog

Some time ago I researched and reported on vegetable garden calories. I wanted to know which vegetables are better to grow for the sake of survival & preparedness (calories!).

I knew that most vegetables are pretty low in calories and may not be very practical to grow compared with others if one were to consider SHTF survival (calories!).

While beets are not as high in calories as potatoes and corn, beets in your garden make for a pretty good ‘survival food’.


Beets from the garden contain about 180 calories per pound (potatoes and corn — about 350 calories per pound).


1. Beets are very easy to grow.
2. Beets grow fast!
3. You can eat their leaves and stems!
4. Fairly high in calories.
5. Will store will during the winter.
6. Beets Nutrition: They’re apparently healthy for you!



This year I grew a particular variety of beets in part of a raised garden bed as an experiment. It was wildly successful!

I planted them (seed) on May 31 and harvested on August 2 (9 weeks).

I could have harvested sooner but I wanted to wait until the exposed ‘shoulders’ of the beets were big (about 2″ diameter – some were bigger and a few were smaller).

They were maintenance free. Their large leaves shaded any potential weeds from growing.


Their large leaves are great for salads. You could also snip off a leaf or two during their growth period.

The stems are also edible. I tried cutting them into pieces and fried them in a pan with oil. Tasted fine.

Beets harvesting


I am trying an experiment. I put a few dozen of them in a container with sand (slightly damp sand). While you could ‘can’ them, I want to see how long they will last without any external energy required.

Leave the root intact and simply cut the leaf stems leaving about 2 inches. Layer them in sand. I place the cover onto the container to keep the dampness intact.

Online research indicates they should last 2 to 4 months. We’ll see… I’ve stored potatoes which have lasted about 4 to 5 months…

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