ROGUE MORNINGS – Special Guest: Rory Hall (Video)

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ROGUE MORNINGS – Special Guest: Rory Hall Video

Producer CJ, Rogue News, was kind enough to invite me to sit-it on Rogue Mornings.

“Russia did it.” has morphed into “Impeach Trump for anything, everything or nothing at all, just get him out of office.

John Brennan, Sally Yates, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Obama, hillary and the other cast of characters that should be under investigation, but currently are not, have painted a picture of reality that only exist in the imaginations of the CIA, FBI and DoJ top brass. These criminals have destroyed just about everything they have touched. They have destroyed, over the past 4-5 decades, the reputation of the U.S., bombed nation after nation for seemingly no reason and “misplaced $21 Trillion” just in the Department of Defense and the Housing and Urban Development departments. Why is Brennan not focused where this funding has disappeared to? Why? What about Uranium One, Fusion GPS and Benghazi?

We turn our attention to Iran and take a look at what happened there 65 years ago when the CIA, working with British spies, executed a false flag event and installed the Shah to run the country so American oil companies could take over the oil industry. This didn’t work as planned and, to this day, the CIA has attempted time after time to overthrow the Iranian government to get to the oil.

We bring the historical events into what is actually happening today and I argue that Iran has a much different scenario due to the fact they are allies with both Russia and China along with having alternative ways to sell their oil on the open market. The SWIFT System and IMF have lost a lot of their ability to cause problems for Eastern nations with Russia and China both having parallel systems that allow nations to avoid economic sanctions and all manner of economic warfare.

We also cover a several other topics which makes for a nice way to start the week.

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