“If You Want to Anger a Conservative Tell Him a Lie…”

“If You Want to Anger a Conservative Tell Him a Lie…” by Rory – The Daily Coin

If you want to anger a conservative tell him a lie. I you want to anger a liberal, tell him the truth ~former President, Theodore Roosevelt

How prophetic was this former President?

It seems when former CIA Director William Casey stated “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” was targeting this time in history. We can only hope the mass awakening to truth continues at its current pace and by the year 2025 we will have a solid foundation to stand upon. If the pace slows or reverses, well, then we are going to have a very serious problem.

Today we have the “big 4” tech giants pounding their chest and claiming victory over free speech. They have won, for the moment, but they seem to have forgotten what makes us human. These criminal elitist rely upon machines to do their bidding, and while these machines can, in fact, do things that humans can not, humans are still made in the likeness of our Creator. My Creator, a Christian God, is far superior to all these machines combined. We are created in His likeness, therefore, we have abilities far superior to what the “big 4” are relying upon.

Let’s take a look at one of the latest and greatest liberals to blow on to the scene, Alexandria Cortez. Tom Perez, the President of the Democratic National Convention (DNC), you know, the governing body of the Democratic Party, has stated that socialist democrat Cortez “is the future of the party”.

On one side we have people that hate free speech, the “big 4”, because they know every time I write a well researched article dismantling the lies perpetuated by the “big 4” they lose another lefty; they lose another soul that was lost but now can read the truth and begin the process of understanding what has happened over the past 4-5 decades.

Then from another angel we have these hard core socialist coming out of the woodwork and running for political office. Case-in-point, Alexandria Cortez. We also have a huge number of muslims running for political office in this country, but that is a story for another day. I wish to focus on this socialist attempting to make a foothold, with the full backing of the DNC, in the political arena.

Alexandria doesn’t seem to know too much about what is actually happening in the world. She doesn’t seem to understand how the internet works when a person wishes to conduct research to find out about a particular topic, like a person in the public eye, and their background.

And despite being called out recently for projecting a blue collar “girl from the Bronx” image while growing up in a wealthy enclave, Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez told progressive radio host Bill Press Tuesday that Ocasio-Cortez represents “the future of our party.”  Source

So, we are having an unknown volume of information kept from our curious minds by the publishers of 90% of all internet content and we have a socialist that is being pushed into the public arena by the top brass of the DNC. What do we really know about this socialist and how deep a well is she drawing her knowledge from?

Ben Shapiro, Daily Wire, recently challenged Cortez to a debate and offered her $10,000 to participate. You would think that someone who is running a political campaign would jump at the chance to put some funds in the coffers, while at the same time getting her message out to a very broad base of people. Not only did Cortez turn down the offer she stated that Ben Shapiro was actually “cat-calling” by challenging her to a debate of ideas!! WOW!

Once again, it seems Cortez doesn’t actually understand how this whole internet thing works and your words never, ever – never – go away. Unless google wants them to disappear, they are out there forever.

Now we have, not one, not two, but three conservative women that have challenged the darling of the socialist movement to a challenge and one of them, Candace Owen – whom I personally love her style, the way she presents information and her voice at a national level – Candace Owen has offered her $100,000 to the charity of her choice. Katie Pavlich, whom I hold in very high regard as well challenged her right away – no strings, no offers, just two women debating the issues of the day.

No cat-calling, nothing derogatory and zero “hate speech” just a simple challenge to debate ideas of socialism vs capitalism and the issues of the day. Cortez refused all four. That speaks in volume as to her knowledge and, more importantly, her character.

You can run, but you can not hide when the world is watching. Cortez made the decision to step up to the plate and bring socialism to the masses. Just so you’re aware, I just published my latest piece about the latest large scale, nation state of Venezuela, experimenting with socialism. That nightmare just keeps unfolding and getting worse by the day. This is exactly how socialism has ended in all 100+ attempts to make it work. “But…, but…, but they didn’t do right.

When you build your house on sand it makes it all the more difficult to invite people over, as the foundation will only support so much weight. What will happen in October when Cortez must begin ramping up for the November election and she is forced to engage other people.


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