Tell the Federal Reserve I want My Portion of Gold Back!

Tell the Federal Reserve I want My Portion of Gold Back! by Rory – The Daily Coin

I am so sick of the Western corporate media lying to the American people, and people around the world, about what gold is and what gold is not.

For the 100th plus time, gold is not an investment vehicle. Gold is money, nothing else.

Anyone that treats gold as a purely investment vehicle does not understand gold and will probably lose their entire “investment” in gold.

Do the Indians, Chinese and Russian government awaken in the mornings and ask how their investment in gold is performing? Of course not. A lot of the citizens in India and China awaken each morning and ask how much gold can be add to the coffers today. Having a completely different mindset and understanding of the “tears of the sun“, global money and one of two true monies for the past 5,000+ years these cultures, among many others, simply do what they can to add to their position in physical gold and physical silver.

The morons in Western corporate media that do everything in their power to create doubt and uncertainty about gold in order to lure people away from gold, and keep them ignorant to gold, well, they have done and continue to do a magnificent job. Here is one of the latest attempts to paint gold as an “investment” and go on to explain why you, the average investor, should stay far, far away from gold.

But this geopolitical angst hasn’t been doing that much for gold GLD, -1.37%  , which is trading around levels last seen in January 2017. And that brings us to our call of the day from A Wealth of Common Sense’s Ben Carlson, who suggests that the safety play’s future isn’t so bright.

“I don’t think you can rule out the possibility that gold’s GCU8, -1.35% value to society could be called into question in the decades ahead,” Carlson writes at his blog.

What’s the problem? He points to the disruption-minded tech sector and suggests that post-boomer generations might not take as much of a shine to the metal.

“Isn’t it possible faith in gold could potentially die out with the older generations?” asks Carlson, who is Ritholtz Wealth Management’s director of institutional asset management. “Doesn’t technology present a massive risk to gold’s standing as a store of value going forward?”

The idea could be that Silicon Valley is providing other vehicles for hoarders. Source

What the author points out are two huge reasons to actually hold physical gold – geopolitical risk and disruptions to technology. Geopolitical issues will never go away, even if we had a “one world government” there would be regional issues that would flare up and create situations that would lend themselves to having gold in order to bribe someone, acquire needed supplies or move freely, quietly and below the radar.

The greatest problem with gold today is education. The Federal Reserve has done a masterful job of wiping gold from the conversation and to ensure that any mention of gold is painted, as this article does, in a negative light. If gold is of no value then why do the ultra-wealthy, governments and people all around the world still acquire ton upon ton upon ton each and every year? If gold is this barbarous relic can someone please explain this to the Federal Reserve and TELL THEM to return all gold to it’s rightful owner. The owners would include citizens, actual citizens not illegal immigrants, of the U.S. Other owners of gold held by the Federal Reserve would be citizens around the world whose government decided to offshore their gold “for safe keeping”. Please TELL the Federal Reserve to return it and return it now. I want my gold back!!

USMint / FT Knox

Otherwise, the citizens need to begin questioning articles like the one produced by MarketWatch and ask the author and the Editor-in-Chief these very important and valid questions. If gold is so bad, why will the Federal Reserve not open the vaults and audit the gold and then sell it or return it to it’s rightful owner? The gold in Fort Knox has not been audited since 1954. Well, open the doors and let’s get on with it. To store the gold at Fort Knox and the Federal Reserve Bank New York is a massive expense to the tax payers for something that has, according Ben Bernanke, and several other monetary genius’, no value or worth.

I pay attention to the price gold because it reflects global uncertainties. The reason people hold gold is protection against, what we call tail risk, really, really bad outcomes. ~Ben Bernanke


But Ben Bernanke also said that gold is not money. Why would he make two completely contradictory statements within seconds of one another? Why? Because corporate media can be directed to focus on the one negative statement and ignore the other.

The author dives deeper into the pool distraction. What backs the currency you spend on that piece of plastic you use? What about the physical currency in your wallet/purse? Where does it’s value come from? What gives it value and meaning? Your undying faith that it will work. That and a big gun pointed are your head and heads all around the world. How’s that for “faith”, sounds like terrorism to me.

“I understand some of the reasoning behind the fact that people still put a lot of faith in the yellow rock — it’s survived as a store of value for thousands of years and can act as an uncorrelated asset,” he writes. Source

This person states that it is “faith” in gold is the main reason people continue holding gold. He is 100% wrong. Gold is money, nothing else. Gold’s value and worth comes from the blood, sweat and tears used to acquire it from the ground. God planted gold on this planet for us to use as a sacrament to His glory. Look at sanctuaries and a wide variety of religious gathering places around the world and you will see exactly what I am referencing. I presume that people, thousands of years ago, began using gold as money because villages always wanted gold to adorn their sanctuary and, therefore, gold naturally began to acquire a value based on the two parties “transacting” in gold.

This person uses words like faith to evoke an emotional response but offers no support of “faith” whatsoever. This person at MarketWatch, whose audience is 1,000x as big as mine, lies to his audience and paints a picture on canvas that simply does not exist. Physical gold, in my opinion, will have value thousands of years into the future, if for no other reason than to adorn a sanctuary.


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