For the Love of History and Hypocrisy…Chuck Schumer Edition

For the Love of History and Hypocrisy…Chuck Schumer Edition by Rory – The Daily Coin

Instead of a #SchumerShutdown we need to have a #ShutdownSchumer and vote this globalist filth out of office and elect someone that only speaks out of one side their mouth instead of two. When you know nothing is going to change you can scream as loud as you would like on either side on an argument. If you know illegal immigrants are going to continue streaming into an open border then you most certainly can “stand against illegal immigration”. But when the table turns and one must pick a side that means something and you are actually going to hang your hat on that issue, you need to make sure what you believe is what you say, as more and more people are now listening and watching.

All through the Obomba regime, as far back as 2009, it seems that Senator Schumer stood up to illegal immigration and even stated that it “is wrong, plain and simple

Then he doubled down in 2015, bookending the Obomba regime, with another loud and proud stance against illegals coming into the USA.

As soon as someone is elected that is actually going to enforce the laws, change the laws and address the situation, realistically, well, oh Chuckie boy starts singing a different tune and does a 180 degree turn from his previous stance. I guess it’s good to support “change” when he knows full well nothing is going change. However, as soon as his status is realistically challenged, well, then the real Chuck Schumer, globalist, starts crying for illegal immigrants instead of American citizens. Hypocrisy on display for the world to see.

Chuck we see you and the internet is awesome for outing your ways. I pray the people with the power to vote you out of office vote you out and then someone brings an investigation into your “career” to see what dirt is hiding under the rug. Based on this one situation I feel confident there is plenty of dirt that needs to be exposed. Hypocrisy, a cardinal sin.

From January 29, 2017


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