Turkey, U.S. tariffs, NATO and the BRICS

Turkey, U.S. tariffs, NATO and the BRICS from The Burning Platform

Time to check in with NATO member Turkey to see how one of my predictions that was naysayed and mocked as ridiculous when I suggested it on one of Robert Gore’s pieces about the annexation of Crimea in Ukraine by Russia and this whole bullshit narrative being peddled to the PUBLIC that Trump and Putin colluded to win the 2016 Presidential election, is going .

Remember this was around the time that the Podesta emails were leaked via Wikileaks (supposedly a non-state funded purveyor of leaked, hacked and stolen information).  I wonder if Wikileaks will be tied in some way to the Russian government by the globalists to further the narrative of Russian interference with the 2016 Presidential elections and further enrage the Always-Trumpers and satiate the Never-Trumpers.

I’m sure there were multiple interferences by multiple actors, private , corporate and state funded actors, especially with the Democratic primaries and the DNC -Seth Rich murder (reminder: he was a Bernie Sanders supporter just like George Webb is)…I would also argue that this is a direct result of the political climate and atmosphere after the Supreme Court removed State campaign contribution caps via CITIZENS UNITED vs. the UNIYED STATES OF AMERICA, because it violated corporations freedom of speech to donate as much money as they wanted to any or ALL sides.

It’s become an all out free for all, no holds barred bar fight to see who gets control of the executive branch and CEO position that has been primed to be turned into an acting-dictator  whenever the “right” made man or woman with the personality profile required is placed there by our global corporate overlords. Some might say they found their man already. Time will tell.

My prediction was that  Turkey will depart from NATO, either voluntarily or compelled by other NATO members, particularly the U.S. Well, it seems the new sanctions placed on Turkish steel by Brand Trump along with the tough talk on the American pastor being held by Turkey will be the straw that breaks the Turkish camel’s back.

Erdogan warned  in a recent rant that the “Failure to reverse this trend of unilateralism and disrespect will require us to start looking for new friends and allies.”

I wonder who those “friends” will be?  Hmmm….im going out on a limb here and suggesting it will be who I said it was , the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa and Iran*not officially a member).

This is ALL theater for mass consumption to justify what is to transpire….TURKEY withdrawing from NATO, moving into the open arms of China and Russia who will no doubt prop up the lira with infusions of Chinese and Russian currencies tied to loans and pipeline deals.  Trump will tout this as a victory of American principles … Turkey will be demonized in America…

I wonder what the trigger will be for Germany to side step NATO and align with the BRICS?  THINGS are beginning to accelerate and all we hear is crickets about North Korea now after moving a bunch of hardware over there….calm before the storm in more ways than one.

Remember,  this all has to happen along the road to World War III between the BRICS and NATO that I previewed 👇

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