The Big 4 Social Giants – Breach of Contract

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The Big 4 Social Giants – Breach of Contract by Rory – The Daily Coin

That which you tolerate – dominates your life.

Louis Cammarosano, smaulgld made a great two part video to follow up the roundtable, Problem Reaction Solution – Losing Control of the Narrative that I participated in on August 10. I have been arguing there has been a breach of contract for close to a year. Stefan Molyneux first brought the idea to the table and that’s what fueled the fire for me.

You can not invite people to, literally, build your business for you by simply providing them with a space to share ideas and explain to those people, on the front end, your ideas – ALL IDEAS – are welcome. Then the business owner, once the business is filled and producing tons of profit changes terms of service. One day the business owner makes it very clear that, well, not all ideas are welcome. The business is now huge and there are, literally, billions of people producing billions in profits for said business but, these business’ don’t agree with some ideas. The owner, acts without saying a word, and begins implementing their beliefs on your work and, basically, says something like – “all you conservatives can stay but you will not enjoy the same amenities as the progressives and we are going to block your voice, steal and then sell your data and you better enjoy the new rules or we will simply throw you out.” That is the breach of contract right there. That is what has happened across the board with each of the “big 4” social media giants.

How do we break the chain and escape the ghetto?

The go forward model would be something like this – Invited content creators under one umbrella – high quality offerings, new daily material – a combination of video and written articles, information, cartoons and who knows what! –  from 70% or more of all that are part of the community and one monthly fee that is equally shared by all. Limited ads that are, once again, shared by all and we no longer need any of the “big 4”.

We can not beat the big 4 and I no longer want to fight them – it is a soul-sucking proposition that I will not waste my precious time. Life is short and I refuse to give these criminals any more of my time, resources and data.

We no longer have representation by anyone at the local, state or federal level and the internet is the last place we have where we can actually come close to being free and close to creating free-market capitalism businesses.

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