Is This Iconic Winchester Model The Best Hunting Weapon You Can Own?

Is This Iconic Winchester Model The Best Hunting Weapon You Can Own? by: Nicholas O. – Off the Grid News

The Winchester Model 70 is widely regarded as one of the most classic hunting rifles of all time.

It is an iconic weapon of American history. Many of the Model 70 rifles produced after 1964 gained a reputation for taking a dip in quality compared to Model 70 rifles built before 1964. Model 70 rifles are still built today in Portugal.

So the question, then, is this: Is the Winchester Model 70 still a valuable hunting rifle worth owning today? Should you search for a good quality pre-64 Model 70, or are post-64 Model 70s – at close to $1,000 — worth buying?

Introduced in 1936

The Winchester Model 70  quickly gained a reputation for being a well-built rifle. Winchester had adapted many of the design features from the highly successful and highly regarded Mauser rifles. This Winchester Model is known for being accurate, reliable and being able to stand up to harsh conditions, it is also offered in an extremely wide variety of rifle calibers.

The highest-quality Winchester Model 70 rifles were manufactured between 1936 and 1964. The non-rotating claw extractor of the Mauser rifles was adapted, meaning the extractor would catch the round of the cartridge in the magazine and then feed it into the barrel when the barrel was pulled back and pushed forward. This led to increased reliability, and this same feature is utilized by many bolt action hunting rifles today. Some even considered the Winchester to be a superior weapon to the Mauser rifles from which it was based.

Winchester’s main competitor turned out to be Remington, which manufactured the Model 700 in large numbers. The Remington 700 is the most popular hunting rifle today, but many still regard the pre-64 Model 70 as being a superior weapon. Each Model 70 was hand crafted in the factory, and since so much precision and effort was put into making each one. The price of the Model 70 rifles were very high.

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