Big Tech’s Full-Scale Information Warfare Backfires

Big Tech’s Full-Scale Information Warfare Backfires – Censorship Of Alex Jones And Infowars Blows Up In Their Faces!  By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline

Nazi Book Burning Tactics Another Sign The Globalists Are Growing More Desperate  

With ‘big tech’ turning into all-out book burning Nazi’s in their latest attacks upon free speech, Alex Jones and the independent media, we’ll take a look in this story at the massive ‘backfire’ that has happened since with ‘Alex Jones’ now nearly a household name across America whether or not Americans agree with his message and google trends showing an astronomical spike in searches for both Jones and Infowars.

As Breitbart reported in this August 8th story, Jones claims that 5.6 million new people have subscribed to his Infowars newsletter since the purge upon him by big tech began and as the NY Times reported in this story, the Infowars app surged all the way to #3 soon after the big tech censorship upon him began.

And while Wikileaks recently tweeted ‘the empire strikes back in response to big tech’s all-out attack upon Infowars and Jones, we’re not the least bit surprised that independent media is ratcheting up the information war as well. As Infowars announced in this August 8th story, they’ve now launched a ‘forbidden information‘ campaign across the country, what they hope will be a grass roots uprising of patriots ‘red pilling‘ their own towns by spreading the ‘information war’ into neighborhood’s all across America.

Yet with Americans still more divided now than at almost any time in our nation’s history going back to the Civil War, in the only video we’ve embedded at the bottom of this story, Steve Quayle and Keith Hanson joined the Hagmann Report last night in a must watch discussing the attempts being made to purge Conservative and alternative voices from the internet with the Hagmann’s warning that all of these attempts to shut down the reach of the independent media suggests to them that something huge is about to break.

Also asking this very important question that they used as part of the title of their video, “what could be worse than civil war?“, the answer is clear to us: NOT having one if that means a boot stamping upon a human face, forever.


As we see in the screenshots taken from google trends both above and at the top of this story, ever since the big tech attempts to silence Jones were launched, being heavily pushed by CNN itself, the popularity of Jones and Infowars have gone absolutely through the roof. Yet, the ‘infowar’ has been ongoing for a long time.

In the video that we’ve embedded directly below, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton went before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee back in 2011 and outright stated “we are in an information war and we are losing that war.Attacking networks such as Al Jazeera and Russia Today, Hillary didn’t admit what we all know now: America’s trust in the mainstream media has plummeted steadily over the past decade+ as Americans awaken to huge corruption within Washington DC and the msm reports nothing upon it.

With the msm in fact ‘selling their souls’ in a failed attempt to get Hillary into office helping to fuel their downfall, back in 2011 Hillary not only admitted that an ‘infowar’ was ongoing but admitted that the US spreads propaganda and that our ‘traditional’ media here in America is used for ‘cultural programming‘. From this March 2nd of 2011 Business Today story reporting upon the video seen below.:

She says a major reason the State Department needs money is because “we are in an information war and we are losing that war.”

Clinton said private media is not good enough to handle the job: “Our private media cannot fill that gap. Our private media, particularly cultural programming often works at counter purposes to what we truly are as Americans. I remember having an Afghan general tell me that the only thing he thought about Americans is that all the men wrestled and the women walked around in bikinis because the only TV he ever saw was Baywatch and World Wide Wrestling.”

Meanwhile she says Al-Jazeera, CCTV and Russia Today are killing it: “Al Jazeera is winning. The Chinese have opened up a global English language and multi-language television network, the Russians have opened up an English language network. I’ve seen it in a couple of countries and it’s quite instructive.”

Clinton says she is leading an effort to spread U.S. propaganda through new media, with twitter feeds in Arabic and Farsi.

And with big tech’s full-scale Nazi book burning obviously co-ordinated attacks with one ‘big tech’ outlet after another ganging up on Jones all at once, it’s becoming more and more obvious to even those who don’t like Jones or Infowars that the ‘information war’ Hillary spoke of years ago is still ongoing and the all-out attacks upon Jones proves to us that he and much of the independent media are absolutely ‘over the target’.

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