Sanctions Against Russia Are Crushing Empire

Sanctions Against Russia Are Crushing Empire by Rory – The Daily Coin

Sanctions against nations used to work – these are tools of the past that have little effect and in some cases actually benefit the target nation instead of creating any economic hardship. Russia has been a great example of how ineffective sanctions have become and now these genius’ in Washington DC are going to try again.

We recently reported what is happening with the sanctions in Iran and the impact, or lack of negative impact, these sanctions are going to create. The sanctions against Iran have the makings to do real harm to the American economy in create a boomerang effect with the oil contacts. Iran is one of the largest oil producers in the world and if they stop selling their oil in U.S. dollars and begin selling their oil in Chinese yuan because of the latest round of sanctions this is not only going to benefit China it is going to be a serious blow to America.

Now President Trump is unleashing more sanctions against Russia, which is one of the worst policies the President could implement at this time. If Russia, yet another of the worlds major oil producers, shifts away from using U.S. dollars to settle oil contracts and begins using Chinese yuan to settle oil contracts this would be a double shot to the Federal Reserve Note, U.S. dollar dominated global oil trade.

Senator Rand Paul announced that he hand delivered a letter written by President Trump to the Putin administration. Senator Paul has been a strong advocate of peaceful dialogue with Russia and extended an invitation to Russian lawmakers to come to Washington on Monday in order to continue dialogue. The Kremlin confirmed it received the letter but has yet to review it. For analysis, RT America’s Holland Cooke is joined by former US diplomat, Jim Jatras. Source

The sad part is President Trump is enacting these sanctions based on rumors, lies and zero evidence of Russia poisoning a former Russian agent and his daughter, in the U.K.

Just like the Russian collusion story we have lived with for the past two years there is not one shred of evidence to support the Russia poisoning story.

The so-called leadership in the U.S. has lost most of it’s bite. Not due to President Trump, although policies like this latest move against Russia don’t help, but rather several decades of bully politics, bombing our way into the hearts and minds of people around the world and creating economic chaos through the SWIFT System and Federal Reserve Notes‘ world reserve currency status. No, what President Trump has done in his first two years pales in comparison to the past 4-5 decades of war crimes and financial crimes against humanity.

The world is over it and is currently building financial walls, economic walls and building entire economies, in the Heartland and beyond, to completely isolate themselves from the Western “developed” world’s way of conducting business. I hope you don’t think so and challenge this line of thinking. Here’s a couple of starting points to help you see – Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Belt and Road Initiative/New Silk Road/One Belt One Road, EAEU, North/South Corridor, AIIB, BRICS Development Bank, BRICS Gold Market and BRICS+. Dig into these changes and let me know what you find.


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