In post-attack speech, Venezuela’s Maduro blames ‘ultra-right’ & Colombia

In post-attack speech, Venezuela’s Maduro blames ‘ultra-right’ & Colombia from RT

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, speaking shortly after an attempted attack during his Saturday public address, has said some of the perpetrators have already been captured.

Maduro, without any sign of injury, delivered a televised address about two hours after his public speech at a military event was interrupted by loud explosions. Venezuelan officials said explosive drones were detonated near the president in a failed assassination attempt.

Describing the incident, Maduro said a flying object exploded in front of him.

“I thought it was a pyrotechnic fire, in a matter of micro seconds there was a second explosion to my right. You could see people running because they felt the shockwave,” he said.

An investigation into the incident has been launched and some of the suspected perpetrators apprehended, according to Maduro. The president accused far-right opposition and external actors.

“I have no doubt that everything points to the Venezuelan ultra-right in alliance with the Colombian extreme right, and the name of [Colombian President] Juan Manuel Santos is behind this attack,” he said.

Relations have been tense between Caracas and Bogota in recent years, with the Venezuelan leader earlier describing Colombia as “lackey” of the US. Colombia’s Santos did say in an in interview with AFP this week that the days of Maduro in charge of Venezuela were numbered.

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