Preliminary Program For A Survivable World

Preliminary Program For A Survivable World by Richard Sauder – Event Horizon

I recently assigned myself the thought exercise of sketching out a provisional set of bullet points for transitioning to a more human, more humane, more life friendly world. It doesn’t much matter who carries out the agenda, only that it be done as soon as possible.
If what follows is not done, humanity can kiss it good-bye, because this world will not be habitable in any meaningful sense by human beings for much longer, or for a lot of other biological organisms, from whales to honey bees and myriad life forms intermediate between them. Therefore, what follows would just be a minimal action list. And one more thing: when it comes to jailing the miscreants and ring leaders behind the indescribably vicious, Satanically evil conspiracies that are ruthlessly taking down this world, humanity and a huge chunk of the biosphere, why not impose 33 year and 66 year prison sentences, seeing as the Illuminati master minds are so fond of secret society, occult numerology. People like the Bushes, Clintons, Obamas, Trumps, Rothschilds, Banking Gnomes of Switzerland, Bibi Netanyahu, Angela Merkel, the Queen of England, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Carlos Slim, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett, heads of the CIA, MI-6, Mossad, NSA, U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, etc. would receive 66 year sentences. Lesser scoundrels who carried out their genocidal orders would receive mere 33 year sentences. The vast majority of power brokers who presently rule over this world are irretrievably corrupt, irredeemably so, and must be regarded as highly dangerous beings on the loose, a clear and present danger to all humankind, most of the biosphere and the planet itself.
So, in no particular order, here is a very minimal agenda for giving humanity, myriad other living creatures and this planet itself, a chance at a survivable future. Either these things are done, or they are not. If they are not, oh well, what follows next will be horrendous in the extreme.
1) Reforestation of the planet is an urgent priority, with an emphasis on local, regional, indigenous species. Avoid large, mono-cultural, industrial plantations as is the case, for example, with endless thousands of acres of pine trees, in the South of the USA. Mixed forests using sound ecological principles are the best.

Participation of local communities should be a high priority. There are many thousands of small, community level, tree planting groups and initiatives all over the world. These all should be identified, every last one of them, and directly engaged, encouraged, facilitated, supported, funded, helped, recognized, promoted and acknowledged. Their tree planting activities should be ramped up by multiple orders of magnitude, as soon as possible, all over the world, in Asia, Latin America, North America, Africa, Europe, Oceania, the Caribbean, everywhere. Any and all groups and individuals anywhere who want to plant trees should be actively supported and enabled in their tree planting efforts.

In arid and semiarid regions of the tropics, where little or nothing will grow, species such as moringa and neem can be planted. They tolerate poor soils and low rainfall regimes. Both trees are useful ecologically and improve the soil. Moringa leaves are highly nutritious and are a healthful, nutrient dense food source for humans and livestock in regions where little else will grow. Neem provides a wealth of products: contraceptives, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, environmentally benign pesticides, fodder for livestock, medicinal salves, high quality timber and more. The sertão of northeastern Brazil is a prime example of an arid, ecologically degraded region that could benefit from planting neem and moringa, as well as a major push to revegetate with native species.

Areas like the Brazilian Amazon, where huge, multi-thousand acre soybean plantations have been planted on formerly heavily tropically forested lands, or Southeast Asia, where huge, multi-thousand acre palm oil plantations have been planted on formerly heavily tropically forested lands, should be a priority for tropical reforestation.

This will mean busting up the Monsanto / Cargil / Nestle, etc. industrial agriculture criminal agro-cartels and empowering local and indigenous forestry and ecological activists. The industrial agro-cartels have hit men / hired guns / professional assassins that they send out into the jungle to hunt down and kill indigenous people(s), forestry activists and ecologists. This is an issue throughout tropical Latin America, tropical Africa and tropical Asia – Honduras, Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala, the Congo, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc. These hit men and those who hire them must be brought to justice and physically caged, not to put too fine a point on it.

This goes to the very top of the agro-cartels (soy beans, palm oil, etc.) and the banking and government agencies tied in with the agro-cartels. They must all urgently be brought to heel. If government ministers, wealthy bankers, heavy hitters at Monsanto, Cargil, Nestle, etc. and their hired assassins have to serve lengthy prison sentences for serial /mass murder and global ecocide, then so let it be done.

Jail them.

2) The world’s seas, oceans, lakes, rivers, streams, marshes and rivers must be remedied. Start with Boyan Slat and his invention to clean millions of tons of plastic garbage from the seas. He has the vision and the invention. Turn him loose, and others like him, to clean the seas and oceans of garbage and plastic waste.

As much coastline as possible, along the great seas and oceans, must be preserved in a natural state. Urban and agricultural development in coastal areas should be minimized. Ideally there should be approximately a 10 to 30 kilometer-wide buffer zone extending inland along the coastal areas, that would accommodate wild or nearly wild, salt marshes, swamps, estuaries, sounds, bays, coastal grasslands and forests. This is a crucial, sensitive, biologically diverse, interface area between marine and terrestrial ecosystems. Ecologically it is vital for the sustained, long-term survival of a healthy biosphere on this planet. This should be worldwide. Hundreds of kilometers of coastline at a stretch should be protected. These areas are valuable in many ways: fly ways for migrating waterfowl and other species of birds, nesting areas for turtles, spawning grounds for many species of fish, eels, crabs, etc., filtration areas for sediments, as well as buffers against coastal erosion, storm damage and periodic, catastrophic seasonal flooding and much more.

Millions of tons of garbage and trash clutter rivers, streams, ponds, lakes, marshes, swamps, beaches and seashores the world over. This trash and garbage is both a major public health and ecological issue. Local communities must be incentivized and compensated to clean up these marine and aquatic environments and rewarded for maintaining them in a clean state. Individuals and groups can and should be paid to pick up, collect, remove, recycle, dispose of and haul away this global mountain of trash. It should be made a socially desirable activity and individuals and groups should be financially compensated for their time and effort.

3) Agriculture must be totally revamped, with a heavy emphasis on mixed, small-scale, organic/bio-dynamic/permaculture/agro-forestry/traditional/non-industrial, family-based and local agriculture production.

GMO agriculture has to go. Artificial genetic tinkering with the genome of plants and animals must be criminally banned. It is harmful/deadly to the biosphere of this planet. Cloning using genetic engineering technology must be banned.

Artificial chemical herbicides and pesticides must be banned. The Round-Up herbicide and all others like it must be banned and those responsible for inflicting it on the world must be criminally prosecuted and very publicly sentenced to lengthy prison terms. They have committed ecocide and their grave crime against the planet’s biosphere and humanity cannot go unpunished.

Natural, plant-based pesticides can be used, that are both effective and more environmentally benign. Neem based pesticides are one example; there are others.

Harsh, artificial, chemical fertilizers must be banned. They burn the soil, they sterilize the healthy microorganisms and worms in the soil, they actually reduce soil fertility over time and end up washing out of the fields into streams and rivers and then flow into the seas and oceans where they cause immense ecological destruction to marine ecosystems, resulting in biological dead zones. This is a global crisis.

The only solution is a return to natural, ecologically sound methods of agriculture.

Industrial, factory farming must be phased out starting right away, in favor of ecologically and economically sound, mixed, smaller scale, local and family farming, oriented towards agriculture production for the local and regional markets.

The nonsense of flying pears from Chile to Canada, and Kiwi fruits from New Zealand to Japan, and sailing freighters of soy beans from Brazil to Europe to feed chickens has to be phased out. It is not an economically or ecologically sustainable agricultural model.

Organic, traditional methods of production should be prioritized that build the fertility of the soil, control against erosion, enhance the local ecology and economy, and promote traditional, heirloom varieties of crops and local breeds of animals

4) The False Flags of the last century or so must be spectacularly, publicly exposed on a global stage, so that the great mass of humanity understands how thorough the lies and crimes of the so-called “Ruling Elite” have been.

The President Kennedy assassination
The Gulf of Tonkin Incident
The Pearl Harbor Attack

The Gladio bombings
The Maidan Massacre

The Las Vegas, Nevada Massacre
The Hutu/Tutsi massacre
The Patrice Lumumba assassination
The Dr. Martin Luther King assassination

There are many others that can and should be added to the list; these are among the most notorious and most widely known.

There must be a very public opening of secret files and evidence for all of these, on a grand, very public, international stage. Lower level operatives should be publicly prosecuted and jailed. Higher level directors of these incidents should be prosecuted and very publicly caged for the rest of their lives, without regard for any powerful or public position they may have held in the past, or may presently hold.

5) Missing Persons. Huge numbers of persons, of all ages, genders, races and ethnicities are going missing, all over the world. This is an international issue, a global issue. The crisis is not limited to one or a small handful of countries.

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