How the Republic Ends

How the Republic Ends by Bill Bonner – Bonner and Partners

YOUGHAL, IRELAND – “The real question is whether the new dictatorship is one of the right or the left. I think the left is the bigger danger.”

A friend, who prefers to remain anonymous, had asked us to imagine what would happen if there were a disputed result in the next presidential election. Could the American Republic survive?

Fictional Republic

Here at the Diary, we think the American Republic is already largely a fiction. Congress blabs. The president distracts. The Deep State rules.

But our friend was talking about a more serious breach of decorum – a change not just of substance, but of style.

We will pause here for two non sequiturs.

First, the second-quarter GDP growth number came in at over 4%. This was widely hailed as proof that the economy was taking off under the inspired leadership of Mr. Donald J. Trump.

It reminded us of the early days of the Obama administration… in which GDP growth also topped 4%, thus proving that the economy was taking off. Alas, growth soon fell back to the funky levels we’ve seen for the last 10 years.

Second, we finished framing the barn roof. Our whole crew worked on it on Sunday afternoon. Two of our boys did the nailing. Elizabeth operated the handsaw admirably as a grandchild held down the two-by-fours.

Your editor did the hard work – keeping the project moving forward with tape measure and pencil in hand.


With help from the family, Bill constructs the frame for the new barn roof in Ireland


The old barn should soon have a new roof

Now… back to our conversation.

More Radical

“You know that woman in the Bronx, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez? She was an activist, like Obama, selected by a liberal group that was looking for a candidate,” continued our friend. “She applied for the job. They chose her because she presents well, I guess.

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