Desperate Times for Corporate Media – MSNBC Host Wants Facebook Shut Down

Desperate Times for Corporate Media – MSNBC Host Wants Facebook Shut Down – by Rory – The Daily Coin

We have, on occasion, reported corporate medias falling ratings numbers. Most corporate media is losing viewers by the millions and now they some are so desperate to hold on to their dwindling audiences they are allowing their desperation to show. With thousands and thousands of people awakening on a daily basis and tuning out mass corporate media “news” it only makes sense that some one from one of the bastion of “truth” would want to “shut down” one of the biggest competitors – Facebook.

We, The Daily Coin, no longer publish on Facebook, but we do publish on alternative social media (more on that in a moment), however, thousands of websites, individual citizen journalists and everyday people are publishing on FB actual news event that present truth and view of what law enforcement looks like. Corporate media abandoned these principals decades ago and now they just can’t seem to figure out way people chant that they “suck” at Trump rallies. Who would’ve thought that after years of being played for a fool, and lied to, that people would suddenly begin flipping-you-off and screaming that you’re a liar right to your face?!

What about when Democrat Representative from California, Maxine Waters actually called for mob violence – where was corporate media in denouncing her or DEMANDING her removal from office – no where

No, corporate media is now “scared” the people chanting are violent and dangerous. Never mind the fact that a CNN contract employee made a video holding the severed head of President Trump – not violent according to corporate media. Or Snoop Dog making a video of mock assassination of President Trump – not violent according to corporate media. What about the latest corporate media darling, Childish Gambino, creating a video mocking mass murder and reenacting the murder scenes – this was hailed by corporate media as being “art”. But a bunch of people standing at the base of an elevated stage chanting “CNN sucks” and flipping-off Jim Acosta is equal to a violent mob.

You tell me if this represents violent behavior or if Jim Acosta is, once again, painting a picture that doesn’t exist.

Look at all the people rushing the stage and attacking Jim Acosta!! Oh the horror of it all!! /sarc

Here’s Jim Acosta showing his true colors and being put in his place by Sarah Sanders. This man should be thrown out of the White House press corp.

I just don’t understand why the people of America are seeking news and reporting from other sources – can’t figure it out. Anyway, this radical leftist at MSNBC seems to think that shutting down FB is the answer to stopping “fake news”. No, if MSNBC would stop reporting fake news that stop the flow of fake news. If MSNBC, CNN and the other corporate media outlets would report actual news this would stop the flow of fake news completely and then the theoretical news would be easily seen and if a person wanted to engage in theories it would be known right away. What corporate media, in conjunction with the CIA, has done is create a mess of news reporting and forced the American people to websites like The Daily Coin. But don’t take my word for it allow former CIA Director William Casey to tell you in his own words. Be sure to click the link and read that story – you claimed you wanted honesty in reporting, didn’t you MSNBC radical leftist talking head?

We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false“? former CIA Director, William Casey

This may explain what is happening with corporate media today. This may explain why this clown from MSNBC is terrified of losing even more their audience and losing seeing the red tsunami that is rolling over the so-called “blue wave” that corporate media was pushing a few months ago.

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