Stephen Cohen DEMOLISHES neocon tool Max Boot on CNN (Video)

Stephen Cohen DEMOLISHES neocon tool Max Boot on CNN Video – The Duran

Russia scholar Stephen Cohen absolutely destroys neocon pundit Max Boot after Boot called Cohen a “Russia apologist” on CNN.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked the two men if the American public should be concerned about US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin having a two-hour meeting behind closed doors during a summit in Helsinki, with only their two interpreters to witness the meeting.

Max Boot screamed for war with Russia, while defaming Cohen, calling him a Putin apologist. Cohen proceeded to make mince meat of Boot’s ridiculous statement, exposing the neocon as nothing more than a hysterical, warmongering, deep state shill.

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Max Boot was a leading voice pushing for war with Iraq over WMD lies, and has supported wars in Libya, Ukraine and Syria. Many will remember Max Boot from the time he appeared on Fox News ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’, where Tucker also had an easy time demolishing Boot and exposing his stupidity.

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