California Wine Radioactive? Now Being Served With “Cesium 137” From Fukushima?

California Wine Radioactive? Now Being Served With “Cesium 137” From Fukushima? by: Off The Grid News

California Wine Radioactive?

Those who remember the Fukushima incident know that this disaster left nothing but tragedy in its wake. Since then, the inhabitants of the area have had to face more than a few difficulties. This ranges from radioactive wildlife to extremely toxic water and air. But the “difficulties” weren’t confined to Japan. In fact, radioactive particles have made it to the Western United States as many Off The Grid News readers are already aware.

The World Health Organization shrugged it off as a nothing to worry about. However, it’s still not clear what we should be worrying about. Now, researchers have discovered cesium-137 in several Californian wines, leading many to ask: is California wine radioactive? And then, should I cut back to a bottle a day?

Testing The Wine

NCSR performed a few tests on about 20 bottles of California-produced cabernet sauvignon rose from 2009. They found that the wine had an alarming active radiation level. Cabernets had the highest level of contamination. The same team of researchers performed identical tests in different countries around the world. They used the available data to compare the radioactive level in the wine with the grape’s harvesting date. The scientists claim that wines produced around the same time as the occurrence of major nuclear events tend to have a high level of cesium-137. Moreover, cesium-137 is a man-made element.

Concerns Over Cesium-137 Effects: Is California Wine Radioactive?

Although cesium-137 could increase one’s cancer risk, the NCSR considers the level in Californian wines to be “harmless.” In fact, the radioactive levels were so low that NCSR researchers had to burn the wine to ashes literally. If the cesium-137 was prevalent in higher levels, then the researchers’ instruments would’ve been able to measure it through the wine bottle. Also, the California Department of Public Health reported that they hadn’t yet received any health or safety reports related to the wine. A representative of the department stated that they weren’t even aware of the aforementioned study.

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