Legal Marijuana Industry Set To EXPLODE

Legal Marijuana Industry Set To EXPLODE by Rory – The Daily Coin

Criminal Banking Cartel, Medical Industrial Complex Vs We the People

The federal government has, once again, been proven to be completely out of step with the people of this once proud nation. Marijuana laws have not changed in close to 100 years and if the current Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, had it his way the laws not change for another 100 years.

We are beginning to fight back – realistically.

The California Senate just passed a revolutionary bill that will nullify the control the Federal Reserve has over the cannabis industry by creating a separate banking industry—solely for cannabis. Source

The people of Canada recently legalized recreational marijuana after medical marijuana being the law of the land for the past several years. We are beginning to experience a sea-change around the world in personal responsibilities, the governance of our lives and just how banking, finance and currency work.

With BREXIT being passed, close to two years ago, that was the first leg of major change around the world. Next came Donald J. Trump and the Presidency of the United States. Now we see Giuseppe Conti become the Prime Minister of Italy, yet another, grassroots representative that wants to respect the people’s wishes and enforce the rule of law – Italian law, not European Union law.

While all of this happening we are seeing across the U.S. state-by-state change the laws around marijuana and medical marijuana is rapidly approaching critical mass for medical marijuana to be acceptable across the country.

We have science on our side to prove it is not about mode alternation.

Cannabis may still be prohibited by the U.S. federal government, but that doesn’t mean the prized plant isn’t a medicine. While federal prohibition may make scientific research on cannabis harder to complete, many studies have shown that the plant has wide-reaching medicinal benefits. Research continues to show that for dozens of conditions, cannabis could be a natural solution. Source

I sat down with Malay Panchal, CEO and Founder, Pure Global Cannabis, to discuss the industry and the changes we are seeing, not only in Canada but really around the world. The veil of half-truths and misinformation is being lifted and people are now coming to realize this humble plant holds a promise of medical freedom like most people never thought possible.

One of the main keys is for the plants to remain “clean” and free of genetic engineering like Monsanto (Bayer) and BASF bring to the table. They have already ruined our food crops and, if we don’t continue pushing back these multinational corporations will change the medial industry, permanently, in exactly the same manner as central banks and fractional banking have permanently ruined our currency, banking and financial systems.


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