Best of the Drop — Gun Fever

Best of the Drop — Gun Fever By Jason Hanson – Laissez Faire Books –

Dear Black Bag Confidential Reader,

In this “best of” edition of the Weekly Drop, I’ve cultivated a collection of questions on one of my all-time favorite topics: guns.

Read on to discover my top pocket pistol recommendations, how to carry a concealed weapon in California, the best products to use to care for and maintain your firearms — and much, much more.

Let’s dive in.

I just bought a new gun (a Springfield 1911, just like you recommended) and I need some good practice drills. What do you suggest?

— David L.

You made a great choice buying a 1911; it’s one of my favorite guns.

There are a lot of different drills you could do, but one I particularly like is called the Mozambique or failure-to-stop drill. For this drill, use a standard person-silhouette target. Practice firing two shots to the center mass of the target and one shot to the head.

Once you get the hang of this, start timing yourself and continue to improve your speed and accuracy. Basically, this drill is great practice for when you encounter someone wearing body armor or when two shots to the torso fail to stop the threat.

Another drill I recommend uses any standard target that has numbers. Most gun ranges will have these types of targets. You will also need another person to help you complete this drill.

The way it works is the other person will call out a number on the target. You need to find that number, aim and fire one round. This is an important drill because it makes you think before shooting, which you should always do in a real-life situation.

I am looking for pocket pistol recommendations for concealed carry. I just got my permit, but I want something smaller than what I already own. Thoughts?

— Amy S.

Pocket guns are great — they’re comfortable to carry, and you can conceal them in all types of clothing, which makes them easy to access. In fact, one of my favorite guns for everyday carry is my Sig Sauer P238. I also like the Ruger LCP.

When you carry a pocket gun, you should use a holster that changes the outline of the gun. Some people would be very alarmed if they saw the distinct outline of a gun in your pocket. Plus, you don’t always want people to know you’re carrying.

Make sure the holster you choose stays in your pocket when you draw (you don’t want it to come out with the gun). My preferred pocket holsters are the plastic holsters made of Kydex.

How do you carry a firearm through California sans a permit? I am permitted for all the surrounding states and have to visit there en route home from Arizona to Washington state. I hear it’s difficult to get a permit for California.

— Shar S.

It’s very difficult to get a concealed carry permit in California. One of the (many) requirements to obtain one is that you must be a resident of the state. In addition, California does not recognize permits from any other state; therefore, your other permits are worthless when traveling in California.

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