Bugging-In: A Safer And More Practical Alternative To Bugging-Out

Bugging-In: A Safer And More Practical Alternative To Bugging-Out by: Rich M – Off the Grid News

If you look around the internet these days, you might get confused about whether it’s better to be bugging-out or bugging-in should a disaster strike. It seems like most of the big name preppers are recommending bugging-out, rather than staying at home. But for most of us, that option may not really be all that practical. Being able to bug-out effectively requires a lot of money and a lot of preparation.

3 Kinds Of Bug-Out Situations

Actually, there are several different types of bug-outs that one might find themselves involved in. They differ in the reason for bugging-out and the destination:

  • Bugging-out to another city because of a natural disaster. Before hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, the government was telling people in the storms’ path to evacuate. In this case, you end up in a temporary shelter or a hotel. After the disaster passes, you can go back home (assuming your home survives the disaster).
  • Abandoning your home to go to a prepared location at the first sign of trouble. This is the luxury version of bugging-out. This process requires the time and resources to buy and/or build an alternate location and stock it for long-term survival.
  • Bugging-out to an unprepared location because you have to abandon your home. In this scenario, you don’t have a prepared bug-out location. Additionally, you are forced to evacuate your home due to a breakdown in society. This is what most people who bug-out are thinking they will end up having to do. While the chance of survival for these people will be better than staying at home to be shot, it will still be rather minimal.

Drawbacks In The Bugging-Out Concept

Looking at these options, it’s clear that unless you have a well-prepared location to go to, bugging-out may not be all that good an idea. Oh, I know that there are hordes of people out there who think that they can live off the land. Nonetheless, the reality is that they can’t. Game isn’t as plentiful as it was back in the pioneering days and the population is much larger. With all the people who are thinking they can just hunt for their food, chances are what game there is won’t last long.

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