Hannity Nails the Coup (Video)

Hannity Nails the Coup Video – Fox News via Bill Still

First of all, where the heck have I been? At a very important conference. It’s been several years since I’ve taken off a full 5 days to do anything. And I intended to put up at least one report per day, however, I had to fly to get to this one, where I usually drive. I drive so I can take my entire video recording/editing rig and set it up wherever I’m staying so that I can continue to work.

But this time, I tried to work off my laptop, but it just wasn’t set up for it, so I wasted endless hours on support calls with Apple trying to straighten mostly my ignorance on these topics.

Video Source

In any case, I’m back now and do I have some things to show you. Hopefully, we’ll get into some of that tomorrow.

But tonight, Sean Hannity did an excellent job of summarizing what I’ve been calling the coup for a couple of years now.

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