9 Lessons and ONE MAJOR DIFFERENCE In 2008 Silver Crash! (Video)

9 Lessons and ONE MAJOR DIFFERENCE In 2008 Silver Crash! Video – Truth Never Told

TDC Note – I ordered several of the Christ coin in the feature image. With shipping all the fees I picked up 5 for under $100. I am going to keep one and the other will become gifts. What a great gift to give someone – Good News and honest money all in one!!


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Chris Duane

We seek to provide individual solutions to collective problems. In order to prepare for the collapse of the dollar and the inevitable riots of unprepared populations and the very possible war with China, we seek to empower the individual to be aware and prepared. We break through the hype of economic and political conspiracy and only focus on what is provable. We cover everything from failed Occupy Wall Street, Tea Party and Ron Paul Movement to the Federal Reserve, the Military Industrial Complex, False Flags, and the Nero of the American Empire Obama. Using the logic and solutions provided on this channel we seek have the individual take massive dramatic action on the things that they can control in their life like prepping, survival, guns, gold and most importantly silver.