SGTReport Video Channel – Removed From YouTube

SGTReport Video Channel – Removed From YouTube by Rory – The Daily Coin

You Tube made good on their threat and, apparently, earlier today removed SGTReport’s YouTube (YT) channel. For those that don’t know SGTReport has produced and uploaded videos to YT since 2007. Thousands of videos and hundreds of thousands of hours of work – poof – gone, at least for the moment. Hopefully, Sean has already hired an attorney and the channel will be back online soon.

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In the mean time, we are moving away from YT and will be uploading videos only at and some will be uploaded at BitChute, but primarily we will be moving our entire library to over the next several months. The Daily Coin has more than 500 videos between The Daily Coin and Shadow of Truth and both channels will be moved and YT will be left behind. Either our current audience will make the transition or we will develop an entirely new audience. We will no longer support YT and this is the main reason we have sporadically produced videos over the past several months.

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