Stocking Up on an Afternoon at Wal-Mart or at


Stocking Up on an Afternoon at Wal-Mart or at by Charles Yor – The Survivalist Blog

TDC Note – The only thing missing from this very extensive list is an approximate cost. The items make sense and will make a person/family go from zero to hero in an afternoon.


Living in the Internet Age of Information Bombardment, it’s easy to get entranced by the idea that you’ll need the one, perfect specialty item or piece of equipment to tick off that box on your prepper checklist.  True, there is a wide world of specialty gear out there, and some of it is nothing short of amazing, and well worth the time to track it down or order it.

But what about your staples and basics? In your quest for best, have you outrun your headlights, so to speak? Lost sight of the forest for the trees? Maybe you are a beginning prepper with nary a stash of food or ammo to your name, or are on a pretty tight budget. Or perhaps you just cannot be bothered to make a bunch of extra stops or order things online.

If any of those sound like you, I have good news! Your friendly, neighborhood Wally World has a lot of what you need under roof. Sure, Wal-Mart rarely carries the “best” of anything, but their pricing and convenience gives them a quality all their own.

So if you need to plus up a few low or missing provisions in your stockpile or are starting from scratch by busting open the piggy bank, Wal-Mart is there for you. Below I’ll present a sort of guide and shopping list for getting the most survival-mileage out of your next trip to the Big Blue Box. There’re also links to if that’s more convenient for you.


This list is not comprehensive and not specialized to any one particular kind of disaster survival scenario. In keeping with the generalist theme of checking off as many boxes as possible with one trip, some specialty items or items of higher quality have been omitted. By the end, you can probably think of a half-dozen items off the top of your head that I have omitted but you need. Good. Put them on your list!

Regarding quality, Wal-Mart carried plenty of entirely serviceable brands, but very rarely Tier 1 quality goods. If you desire or require that level of quality, look elsewhere, but don’t be afraid to buy backup or redundant items on a budget. You should stay away from the very cheapest of anything that your life may depend on, but looking for buys and discounts on certain items can help stretch your funds.

Things like store brand foods, essentials like socks and underwear, generic meds and so on. You don’t need to spend a fortune on a knife or other bladed tool to get one of serviceable quality. Other things like flashlights, batteries and ammunition you should expect to spend a little more on to ensure they last and work when needed. A $2 flashlight may work fine until its first tumble, or might stop working unexpectedly, leaving you in the dark.

It is bad to pay too much, but worse to spend too little. There is a level of product where quality is impossible. Also bear in mind this list is for a single individual, adjust the quantities based on what your family will need, however many people are in your group or who you anticipate lending a hand to.

Grab a Cart!

Grab a cart, have a quick gawk at the weirdoes capering about, and let’s get moving. Your first stop should be the pharmacy. Ignore the rack of ribs thawing by the reading glasses and find the first-aid section. Start with basic wound care and trauma supplies. Grab the following:

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