San Fransisco vs Russia: Illegal Immigrants Can Vote vs Illegal Immigrants “Meddling” In Election

San Fransisco vs Russia: Illegal Immigrants Can Vote vs Illegal Immigrants “Meddling” In Election by Rory – The Daily Coin

The radical left is coming to an end. These completely over the top agendas are so far removed from reality that most thinking people are not only going to tune out the extremist policies and doctrines but the so-called “leaders” of the radical left are completely marginalizing the entire left wing. One day in the very near future these radical ideas, and all things left of center, will simply vanish from the landscape.

San Fransisco has passed a law that allows ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS to vote in a couple of the elections. Correct me if I am wrong, but I have been under the impression the past year and half, since the President Trump took office, there has been an ongoing investigation claiming ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS – we’ll call them cyber hackers – “influenced or meddled” in the 2016 Presidential Election. I believe this investigation has cost you and I – the tax payers – well north of $20 MILLION and now San Fransisco is passing legislation to ALLOW ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS the right to vote. Can someone please point me in the direction to the United States of America, the country built on laws and a Christian foundation? Anyone?

Of course this is to say nothing of a communist, sorry, “socialist” being elected in New York city while the President of the Democrat National Convention (DNC) proclaims Alexandria Cortez is “the future of the Democratic party“.

According to Ethan Bearman, Liberal Radio Talk Show host, [beginning at approximately 22:15 mark in the first video below] what Russia supposedly did – “meddled in the 2016 Presidential election” – and what San Fransisco is doing – passing legislation to allow illegal immigrants the right to vote – are two completely separate issues. WOW!! Ethan actually states this with a completely straight face and believes this LIE to be true. How in the world did we arrive at a place where up is now accepted as down and black is now accepted as white?

I’ll ask again, can someone, anyone, please show me the way to the United States – you know, the REAL United States, that follows the Constitution and has a representative government? You know, a government that represents the citizens of this country and not citizens of other countries. When Obama said he was going to change America I don’t think anyone expected any of this – but to his credit, he did say he was going to change America forever.

At approximately the 27:36 mark of Tucker Carlson Tonight, Jason Hill, author and college professor, describes a way to stem the tide of our youth being radicalized. It is well worth your time and may be worthy of a petition to bring to President Trumps attention. If an executive order were implemented stating the Constitution must be taught at any and all institutions of “higher education” and that any of these institutions that teach Marxist, anti-American courses will no longer receive tax dollars in any form nor will they receive any government backed grants/student loan funding. This may get their attention and these radical leftist kicked to the curb. A university/college that teaches the elimination of free speech should not be funded, in any way, with tax dollars. If a college/university feels strongly about teaching these Marxist ideas they are more than welcome to do so and I am not suggesting they don’t have the right. All that I am suggesting is they shouldn’t have the right to my labor/tax dollars to fund this nonsense, anti-American doctrine.

Let’s not forget that babies, sorry, I mean “theybies” have the RIGHT to make life altering decisions at age 4. What if a “theyby” decides that slamming back a pint of whiskey would be an awesome thing to do instead of having “theyby” food at age 5? Or maybe developing a 2 pack a day smoking habit at age 4 – would that be acceptable? I mean, theybies have rights too, yes?

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