Four Obvious Areas for Improvement in America

Four Obvious Areas for Improvement in America By Phil Spencer – The Daily Bell

“Make America great again!”

That was the slogan used by then-presidential candidate Donald Trump and it propelled him to the most powerful and coveted job in the world – commander in chief of the United States. However, since Trump’s inauguration there has been much blustering and many unpopular policies that don’t seem to have been made with the promise of making America great again.

While the United States makes worldwide news for the President’s tweets, other countries are implementing changes that are benefitting their citizens and helping to change the world positively.

In this article, we take a look at some of the key policies that could help make America great again, in terms of economics, morality, and equality.

Skilled Immigration

In America and throughout the world ‘immigration’ is seen as a taboo word by politicians and the public alike. It is perhaps one of the most polarising issues in modern western-politics in the current day.

The problem is that the discussion often leads people to extreme spectrums of the debate, you either welcome free open immigration or you think the borders should be shut-down. In truth, what is needed is somewhere in between.

The Association of American Medical College’s recently predicted a shortfall on 100,000 doctors in 2030 if current trends continue. That’s where immigration should come in. If the USA isn’t producing enough physicians, then they should look abroad to help make up the shortfall.

The United Kingdom has equally been suffering from a lack of healthcare professionals and has decided to combat their lack of nurses by bringing in skilled-nurse from former Commonwealth countries.

If immigration were properly targeted in the USA to help sectors suffering from falling numbers of experts then the economy would prosper and polarisation over the topic of immigration would likely decrease.

Legalizing Cannabis

There is no doubt that legalizing cannabis nationwide would have a positive impact on the economy and reduce crime rates. There is also an argument to be made over the health benefits for patients suffering from diseases including cancer, AIDS, and glaucoma. According to FBI crime statistics, 587,700 people were arrested in 2016 for marijuana-related crimes. This results in the judicial system becoming strained. Why not put resources towards policing more serious crimes?

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