Will ‘We The American People’ Surrender To The ‘Deep State’ Or Accept Their Confessions?

Will ‘We The American People’ Surrender To The ‘Deep State’ Or Accept Their Confessions? By George Thomas Washington Jefferson – All News Pipeline

The Forgotten Position Of President Trump: All Of Those Within The ‘Deep State’ Who Have Their Own Private Political Agendas Have Already Passed Judgement Upon Themselves

We have all of the hoopla surrounding the meeting between President Putin and President Trump, from all positions, there are some key missing elements that provide complete understanding for many situations.

President Trump is the chief executive officer, chief magistrate of the United States.

As the CEO President Trump is the ultimate superior to all of the intelligence community, the military, the department of justice, the treasury, and all other executive offices and officers.

As chief magistrate of the United States President Trump is the chief law-enforcement officer and superior to all other law-enforcement activities by federal offices and officers.

What this means in the simple layman’s terms is President Trump is the BOSS. More to the point, President Trump is the final decision maker determining the performance standards of all offices and officers of the United States which operate under the executive branch.

Is President Trump CEO and chief magistrate supervising the NSA? We all know NSA collected every electronic communication worldwide for the last 15 years or better. Where are the servers and emails? Does Trump have direct access at all times? If not why not?


For any of us Americans who have ever had a superior, most commonly called the boss, we all understand that employees are never authorized to attack the boss nor his decisions. We are all required however to advise the boss when we find problems in the operation the boss is responsible for. This is what is known as peace within the operations the boss supervises.

Under what set of circumstances is not peaceful and harmonious operations of any company or government structure not in the best interest of the government or the company?

This single simple question exposes the very core of the corruption we have all come to call the deep state.

President Trump and President Putin made joint statements that they were choosing for their people and their countries to operate in peaceful coexistence rather than continue to look to war to solve national problems. Both recognize that the past problems between our countries were mistakes that could be cleared up under the simple practice of good faith and open dialogue. Both President Trump and President Putin committed not only themselves but all those that they supervise and their countries to the principle of peaceful coexistence under the condition that they refuse to be bound by past problems.

What a great day for all of us.

What kind of fool chooses war over peace in any circumstance whatsoever?

What company or government can survive when those employed by the country or the company are attacking where their paychecks come from and their future security resides?


Our American experiment in self government requires open dialogue, otherwise known as freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of association.

When open dialogue, honest media, and our free associations are controlled or manipulated the potential for catastrophic failure is very high.

I am reminded of the statement in the late 60s and early 70s that exposes why both Trump and Putin are under attack by their own people at the moment. “War is good business, invest your sons and daughters”.

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