Farage: Trump Truths ‘Have Hit Establishment Like a Bombshell’

Farage: Trump Truths ‘Have Hit Establishment Like a Bombshell’ by Virginia Hale – Breitbart

Donald J Trump’s explosive UK tabloid interview has “hit the establishment like a bombshell”, Nigel Farage has said, remarking that the U.S. President ‘gets’ the public’s concern over mass migration.

Speaking on Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM on Friday, after a tabloid interview with President Trump sent shockwaves across the globalist media, Farage asserted the President “recognises and understands” why immigration has become “the number one issue across all of European politics”.

President Trump’s remarks to The Sun provoked fury from leftist British lawmakers, who branded his distress at seeing millions of third world migrants pour into Europe “racist”, and said the President’s criticism of London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s stance on terror was “Islamophobic”.

“Whichever way you cut it, it’s a pretty dramatic Friday 13th,” Farage said, commenting on some of the frantic reactions seen in Britain since the U.S. leader’s arrival to the island nation.

The former UKIP leader blasted London Mayor Sadiq Khan as “a disgrace” and “childish” after the Labour figure gave permission to a collective of self-declared “anti-fascist art activists” to fly a 20-foot blimp depicting an intentionally “grotesque” caricature of Trump above Parliament during the President’s visit.

“It would be better if [the London Mayor] stopped engaging in this war against Donald Trump and got on with … dealing with the crisis in crime,” Farage said, pointing to the vicious attack on former British ambassador to the U.S. Sir Christopher Meyer Wednesday, which took place at one of the capital’s major railway stations in broad daylight.

Turning to talk about the white paper recently unveiled by the government, Farage said Trump was “justified” in attacking Theresa May’s plans for a super-soft Brexit which — by chaining Britain to the EU Single Market — “has effectively torpedoed the prospect” of a UK/U.S. trade deal.

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