While ‘Left’ Calls For Socialism, Millions Have Perished Under Socialist Regimes

While ‘Left’ Calls For Socialism, Millions Have Perished Under Socialist Regimes By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline

TDC Note – If you’ve not seen the chart that Deagel published several years ago it is rather eye-opening in a food-for-thought kind of way. Not sure that I buy into the whole thing, but it most certainly will make most people take pause and ask a question or two. If you’ve not seen it, search for it, so you will be able to see with virgin eyes.


Deagel’s Astonishing Forecast For 2025 America Envisions A Stalin-Style Purge And The Perfect ‘Communist-Muslim World’ In The US

We’ve published many stories in the past that report upon the mysterious website Deagel.com and their very strange ‘forecast’ for 2025 America that shows what appears to be a massive ‘depopulation event’ striking our country within the next 7 years. Taking our population from the current 2018 population of 326+ million down to Deagel’s forecast of just under 100 million living here by 2025, many within the independent media have asked what might happen to our country for us to reach those numbers.

With not only the US population being forecast to drastically drop but also our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) being forecast to tumble from $19.3 million in 2016 to only $2.4 trillion by 2025 along with our military expenditures being forecast to fall from $637 billion in 2016 to only $32 billion in 2025, we’ve asked on ANP if Deagel’s numbers were what the globalists expected the United States to look like after they fully implemented their totalitarian ‘new world order’ and ‘culled’ the lives of more than 225 million people.

And with America now more divided than at any time since the Civil War, we remind you that Deagel’s sources for their forecast include the US Department of State, the US Department of Defense, the CIA, World Bank and European Union among them. So yes, Deagel’s sources for their forecast numbers for 2025 America came to them directly from what we all now know as ‘the deep state’, one that was heavily corrupted over the past decade+.

Are Deagel’s forecast numbers for America proof that the ‘deep state’ and globalists were working to ‘take down’ America,  with only a victory in the 2016 election by President Trump standing in their way of completing the work they’d long undertaken? Certainly Deagel’s forecast numbers for America for 2025 as seen below should be telling us something.

With Deagel forecasting most countries expecting huge losses by 2025 being Western nations and NATO countries, a very interesting comment left on this Reddit thread offers an interesting opinion on why that is.

You go through their list and it pops out at you. All the supposed massive drops are in NATO countries. Who ever put this together is fantasizing of their perfect Communist – Muslim world. Pandemics or nuclear war don’t recognize borders and everyone gets hit over time. What, no one dies in China or Russia but western Europe and North America are taken out with a biological or nuclear genocide?


Yet as we reported on ANP back on May 2nd, while the 99+ million they’re forecasting to be living in America by 2025 may seem like a huge drop in our forecast population, it is nothing to what Deagel was forecasting the 2025 population of America to be while Barack Obama was still president.

As we reported back on ANP all the way back in 2015, Deagel was steadily dropping their population forecast for America over several years during the term of Barack Obama, in August of 2016 forecasting the US population in 2025 to be only 61 million. Were they expecting a Hillary Clinton victory that would allow the completion of the culling?

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