Circus Breaks Out On Capitol Hill As Dems Engage In Shouting Match To Protect Peter Strzok

Circus Breaks Out On Capitol Hill As Dems Engage In Shouting Match To Protect Peter Strzok By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

The long-awaited testimony of FBI agent Peter Strzok, in front of the House Judiciary & Oversight Committee on Thursday, was turned into a complete sh*t show when Democratic members of the committee decided to try to hijack the proceedings in order to protect Strzok from answering the questions.

As a reminder Strzok was the agent that led the Hillary Clinton private server/email investigation, as well as initiating the Russia probe and the investigation into any possible Trump campaign Russia collusion. Strzok was part of Robert Mueller’s special counsel team until he was removed after text messages between Strzok and his alleged lover FBI counsel Lisa Page were revealed from the DOJ’s Inspector General investigations. Those text include severe anti-Trump bias, as well as pro-Clinton bias.

While the entire testimony, which was livestreamed, is embedded at the bottom of the article, specific exchanges between Strzok and members of the committee stood out, and those individual clips are discussed below.


Note– Most the questioning begins with long-winded statements by the Representatives before actually offering a question to Strzok, which many see as theatrics, but I would like to note that the reason for those statements, which sometimes appear to be grandstanding, is to get those points into the official House record of the hearing.

One of the better points made by Texas Representative John Ratcliff, who is a former federal prosecutor, was in highlighting that Mr. Strzok maintains that his personal bias, shown in a number of the 50,000 texts, never crossed a “line” into the FBI official investigation, to which then Ratcliff pointed out in response to Strzok’s assertion that his personal bias never creeped into his work,  except in the 50,000 (approximate number of texts) instances where those texts were made using FBI devices and on FBI time.

That exchange starts at about the 3 minute mark below, after Strzok had refused to provide answers to two previous questions.

Another very interesting exchange came when another former prosecutor, Representative Trey Gowdy, started his interview with Strzok, after Strzok claimed he could not answer how many Interviews he had conducted with witnesses between July 31 and August 8. After stating FBI counsel had instructed him not to answer anything that pertained to Mueller’s open investigation, Representative Goodlatte, briefly suspended Gowdy’s time (so he still had his original time left over) and instructed Strzok to answer the question, or be liable to contempt charges.

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