Doug Casey’s Pilgrim’s Progress

Doug Casey’s Pilgrim’s Progress by Joel Bowman – International Man

Drug wars… would-be “illegals”… “rapists and murderers…”

Sheesh! Who in their right mind would want to live south of the Rio Grande, down ol’ Mexico way? You read the papers. You watch the news. All you see is violence and vengeance, corruption and chaos, poverty and pollution.

And yet…not twenty feet from where we sit…

A guitarist rests on his crate on the corner of a leafy avenue, instrument in hand. His boots are old, but polished. His attire is worn, but formal. His eyes, for the most part, remain closed.

In the case at his feet we count, 5…15…35… no more than fifty pesos – about $2.50 – in loose change. He has been playing for maybe fifteen minutes.

The soft melody intermingles with the early morning chatter in the Ojo de Agua café, where your correspondent sits quietly, contemplating the world around him. This is not the Mexico you see on the news. Not even close.

We’ll get back to life “south of the border” another time. Meanwhile, we’re making our introductions. If you tuned in Wednesday, you may have noticed some modest changes to your International Man Communiqué.

In a nutshell, we’re expanding operations…

Our goal is to discover how to live a freer, richer life by adopting an international perspective. To that end, we’ll continue to feature all your favorite contributors in these pages…plus we’ll be introducing a few fresh faces (often located in far-flung locales), to bring you even more boots-on-ground insights from around the globe…

…including from right here, in Mexico City.

But don’t worry…even with the additional commentary and resources at your fingertips, International Man remains stubbornly a free publication (and worth every darn penny!)

So while we leave the good musician a tip, on your behalf, we return to our ongoing conversation with lead International Man, Doug Casey. Please enjoy today’s installment, below…

Doug Casey’s Pilgrim’s Progress

An Interview with Doug Casey and Joel Bowman

Joel Bowman: Last we spoke, you and I were discussing the best – and worst – places to live in Latin America. Now, your readers and followers are no doubt familiar with Doug Casey the international speculator and Doug Casey the practicing cosmopolitan, but I wonder if you could give us some insight into how this came to be. You grew up in Chicago, alongside millions of other folk who did not dedicate their life to seeking out opportunities on foreign horizons.

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