The Mass Awakening In The Viral #WalkAway Movement Is Panicking Democrats

The Mass Awakening In The Viral #WalkAway Movement Is Panicking Democrats By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

A gay hairdresser from New York created a powerful video explaining why he felt the need to #WalkAway from the Democratic party. Other social media users started using the hashtag #WalkAway, all delivering their testimonies as to when and why they had walked away from the Democratic party that has taken a sharp and sometimes violent turn to the radical left.

The basic theme in these testimonials is that these former liberal Democrats had become disillusioned with the party, while encouraging others to simply #WalkAway as well.

Brandon Straka, the founder of the #WalkAway movement joined Judge Jeanine Pirro on Saturday for an in-depth discussion as to why he chose to just walk away. After explaining that he voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, crying publicly when she lost, he then explains how he discovered how the media manipulated people by selectively editing Trump speeches and reported things Trump had said while a candidate, totally out of context.

The interview is quite enlightening and is embedded below to understand why this movement has gone viral, and why it is resonating with people just like Straka. Listen to him below before we get into the point of this article, which is how panicked Democrats and the liberal media is over how huge this movement is becoming.


Recently we showed how liberal writers, panicked over how big the #WalkAway movement was becoming with tens of thousands of social media users using the hashtag #WalkAway, were already converging on their narrative to control the fall out for the Democratic party.

Blame Russian bots! Using two websites, created after the 2016 election, one by a group of NeverTrumpers and another by a liberal Hillary Clinton supporter who has an extreme hatred and bias against anything “Russia” related, Arc Digital Media declared the #WalkAway movement was a “deceptive propaganda campaign,” being pushed by Pro-Trump and Russian-linked Twitter accounts. That determination is made by citing the NeverTrump/anti-Russia site Hamilton 68 and another supposed bot tracking site Bot Sentinel.

Note – I showed on video  how that Bot Sentinel website listed my own Twitter account as “problematic,” listing me under the Russian bot/troll category, among other conservatives…. yes, real people, not bots or trolls, yet these sites are being cited as “proof” of Russian bot activity. (My video here on the Bot Sentinel fake results)

Long story short, the sites falsely “label” real people as “bots/trolls ” then every time those real people use certain hashtags like #MAGA or #WalkAway, they claim that is “proof” that the movement is not real, not as huge as it is, and is being elevated by bots and trolls.

The Arc Digital writer, a self-identified Feminist and liberal, is not the only one converging on this narrative as the liberal website Huffington Post is also pushing the same theme, using the Arc Digital article, and the same flawed anti-Trump websites to “prove” their case that “Russian Bots Linked To Viral Twitter Attacks On ‘Hateful’ Dems.”

It what may be an early onslaught of Kremlin-linked Twitter attacks ahead of the U.S. midterm elections, Russia bots appear to be fueling a wave of criticism targeting Democrats over alleged intimidation in political confrontations and a lack of “civility,” according to bot trackers.

Attacks with the hashtag #WalkAway purport to be from a “grassroots” wave of one-time Democrats who have left the party in part because they say they are so incensed by the hateful and divisive behavior of party members. The message is to “walk away” from ugly confrontations, “intolerance” and hate — and from the Democratic Party.

But the hashtag has been connected to Russian bots. It has ranked as the third or fourth most popular Kremlin-linked hashtag for days, according to bot tracking by the Hamilton 68 site run by the bipartisan Alliance for Securing Democracy, which keeps tabs on Russian activity on the American internet.

Granted, bots exist. Hashtags both liberal and conservative themed are amplified by a certain amount of bot activity, but citing “Russian-linked” accounts, as described by Hamilton 68, when they have never provided one bit of proof that any of the accounts they track are really linked to Russia in any manner, basically just saying “trust us” they are, is nothing more than a manufactured scapegoat to discredit anything that doesn’t fit the official narrative.

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