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Nothing about this article should be taken as medical advice. Please consult a medical professional for your individual needs.

Having studied food for more than a decade, between 1990 and 2000, I was delighted to have an opportunity to, once again, dive into some truly hand-crafted, small batch foods. The last time I conducted a “food review” was 1995 at the San Francisco Summer Fancy Food show. There is a winter version as well, but the last one I attended was the summer. These are two of the oldest food shows in the U.S. with more than a 40 year history. You want to make a fat man happy, put a convention center filled with hand-crafted beautiful foods in front of him! It was an incredible event, but, I digress, we have new fish to fry!! So, this opportunity means a lot to me as food is love and small batch, hand-crafted food using known ingredients seems to have an extra dose of love thrown in…just because!

Over the past two years there has been a massive sea change where marijuana and CBD is concerned. The “old guard” is gone and people from all walks of life, all ages, economic background, education levels and all the other markers that makes us individuals, are now allowed to see marijuana in a completely different light. Medical marijuana is a big deal and is, currently, changing the lives of thousands of people all across the land. Over the next decade the medicinal properties in marijuana will change the lives of millions of people.

This Sunday, July 8, 2018, I will be releasing a very important interview. The creators and makers of My CBD Edibles will be on the line to help clear the air surrounding some extremely important issues.

Medical marijuana, while it has been transforming lives for close to a decade, we are just now beginning to truly understand the medicinal power of this humble plant. We will get into these topics on Sunday, so please mark your calendar and tune it to what promises to be a ground breaking show.

In the mean time lets a take a look at at the products that our friends and colleagues at Rogue Money have developed and are now marketing – My CBD Edibles.

CJ, el Cuko, sent me a couple of samples and I wanted to share with you my experience with these medical wonders. Not only are they the latest tool in my medical tool belt but so far these delectables are truly amazing in their flavor, texture and all around awesomeness!!

This journey, like all journeys, begins with the first step. In this case it was shipped to me via UPS. It started out in Carmel, Indiana, just outside of Indianapolis and I live in Nashville. If anyone living in the U.S. has stepped outside in the past week you know all too well that it is beyond belief as far as temperature – off the chart summer heat.

El Cuco, forgot to pack these morsels in dry ice, which he explained the products ship with dry ice. The products arrived no problem, no meltdown, no disfigured items and the butter mints were stuck together but they were not one big mass of goo – cooled them down and each piece happily separated into it’s own little butter mint of deliciousness.

Let’s start right there with the Butter Mints. Very creamy, sweet with a hint of tartness on the end and little salty. Overall, very tasty and exactly what one would expect with a high-end, handcrafted butter mint.

Not sure why the pieces have a slight pinkish hue in the image below, because the mints color is closer to an “eggshell” white than anything. The packaging is perfect for storage – foil, easy to open, close and create a good seal, however, in my opinion needs some help, a little plain for the quality of the product. I’m not sure if this the retail package or if this is merely a “sample” package.

According to the nutritional information a serving is 1-2, (the size of each varies) and there are 10 servings per container. So, it sounds like an order would be around 18-20 pieces. There is a total of 10 milligrams CBD per PACKAGE. This means each piece contains approximately 0.5 milligrams of CBD.

Next up – CBD Granola Bars – WOW!! When I unwrapped this foil wrapper the aroma filled my senses and then filled the room!! It was like I was standing in a pastry shop with the ovens going full blast!! Truly incredible.

Dense but not crumbly, for me it’s just about right. The density is what I have come to expect with a power-packed granola bar. Lots of fruity undertones, pineapple and golden raisins working their magic and texture is far smoother than I anticipated. The peanut butter tries to take center stage, but the sweetness of the pineapple wins out. It is a little sweet, but not overly sweet. Second bite the raisins rush to the front of my palate and the peanut butter wins out! My standard, almost daily granola bar is the NonGMO, Organic Clif Kids ZBar. This granola bar is far superior on every level and has the added bonus of containing 30mg CBD per bar!! That’s a fair amount of CBD, especially, if one makes this as part of a daily routine. They are packed two to a package.

WOW!! The aroma on the whole bean coffee is absolutely breath-taking!! The aroma is filling the air with a beautiful roasted coffee as if it were roasted just yesterday!

I brewed a pot this morning, using the same amount of coffee as always, which is approximately 1/8 cup rounded scoop (a little more than 1 ounce) and it filled the house with a wonderful aroma and the coffee did not disappoint. It was a little weaker in flavor than I anticipated, however, the flavor is that of a great freshly roasted local coffee, a little nutty with a spice on the very end that I am unfamiliar, but really appreciate. It may be the CBD shining through as there are 375mgs in each package. Stay tuned on Sunday July 8 and we will address this specifically, as I currently have no idea how much would be present in a single cup of coffee – hugely important. The image is a little blurry and I already ground the coffee!! Sorry about that.

UPDATE: My wife originally brewed the first pot of coffee and she total the next day that she had measured incorrectly and made the coffee weaker than normal. The next day when I made the coffee, using my normal amount, the coffee was very bold flavorful and the nutty flavor much more pronounced and unknown spice is also more pronounced. All in all, this is definitely a coffee that I will add to my rotation.

Buckeyes, and I’m not talking about the ones from Ohio State! I was a little surprised at the lack of aroma when I opened the foil. Maybe the aroma of the coffee is overpowering the chocolate as I can still have a palate full of coffee aroma.

These jewels took the worst of the travel – once again they arrived under less than ideal shipping conditions and this should not be the case going forward. Overall, I am surprised at how well they held up under these conditions. Personally, I don’t want to outside for more than a few minutes and these guys were on a UPS truck for more close to 48 hours!! Impressive! Anyway, on to what truly matters. WOW again. Not sure if this is a different peanut butter than the one used in the granola bar but it is creamy smooth with some very tiny pieces of “chunky” peanuts mixed in. The pieces of peanut are just big enough to let you know this is real peanut butter! The thin coating of dark chocolate is good but it is a little lost in the peanut butter. Overall, will add this to my list of keepers.

Second bite – the chocolate is much more pronounced and the texture of this product is really awesome. I am very much into the overall experience of food and love Mexican and Italian foods for their wide variety of flavors, textures and spices. These buckeyes fit nicely in this mix – lots of flavors and textures going on within a very small, very defined food item. The CBD content is approximately 10mgs per piece and you get 5 pieces per package.

I saved the best for last. When the package first arrived and I opened it up and saw the assortment of goodies, being a silver bug, I was attracked to the silver package and opened it first! The silver foil was enveloping one of the tastiest snacks I have ever tried – White Chocolate Coconut Pecan Truffle!! OMG!! Flavor, texture, aroma in abundance! Not one of the flavors is overpowered by the other. The texture melts in your mouth while at the same time commands you to crunch, crunch, crunch!! If you real sugary and super sweet this is not for you the sugar levels are in great harmony with the coconut and white chocolate and it is seriously delicious. I will be ordering this product on a regular basis and with the added bonus of containing 20mgs per piece my health will be in perfect balance – one side gets healed while the other side gets the goods!! It’s up to you to decide which is which.

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