I Am A Bot According To Shady Website

I Am A Bot According To Shady Website Which Labels MAGA Supporters As Bots Or Trolls To Discredit Conservatives By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

When Brandon Straka created the #WalkAway movement by creating a video explaining why in the last year he decided to walk away from the liberal/Democratic party, he never expected it would blow up, with thousands upon thousands of other liberals offering their testimonies, on video and in social media posts, explaining why they too have decided to #WalkAway.

In fact the movement has become so large and talked about that liberal writers are now attacking it with claims that the movement is a “deceptive propaganda campaign,” saying that Pro-Trump and Russian-linked Twitter accounts are posing as ex-democrats while calling the WalkAway campaign an “Astroturfed Movement.”

Two of the so-called “tools” the writer, who describes herself as a “feminist” and “Liberal” in her politics, uses, is a site called Hamilton 68 and another that claims it is “bipartisan,” called Bot Sentinel.

As we have previously reported, Hamilton 68 was created by a group of NeverTrumpers, with claims they track 600 Russian-linked social media accounts, but they have never publicly revealed what accounts they claim are “Russian-linked,” nor provide any proof whatsoever that those accounts are bots or linked to Russia.

Since we have already covered the suspicious nature of the Hamilton 68 website, created after Donald Trump was elected as President, by as I said, NeverTrumpers, I decided to check out the other “tool” used by the liberal feminist writer to attempt to discredit the #WalkAway movement, and found that……. I am a bot/troll.

I went to the site, used their “check user” function, slapped my own Twitter handle in and they informed me my account “exhibits problematic tweet activity and patterns similar to a bot/troll account.”


What do I do that is so problematic? I share conservative news, I call out CNN for #FakeNews, use the #Maga hashtag when sharing ANP articles for promotional purposes, and sometimes will call out someone for threatening children of conservatives, or respond to a liberal politician when they attack conservatives.

I am not the only real person being labeled a bot/troll either. I chose someone pretty popular, a Fox news commentator, Dr. Gina Gentry Loudon,  a Trump supporter who has a verified Twitter account since 2009, with over 117K followers and found that she is also labeled a bot/troll which “exhibits problematic tweet activity and patterns similar to a bot/troll account.”


I tested a whole host of others and lo and behold, a ton of MAGA supporters, some blue checked, some who have been Twitter users for many years, are all being labeled as bot/trolls. The majority of them have one thing in common… they are conservatives.

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Susan Duclos

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