San Francisco: Literally A S**thole Of Liberalism

San Francisco: Literally A S**thole Of Liberalism by Rory – The Daily Coin

With the recent election of self-proclaimed socialist-democrat Alexandria Cortez, (D) NY, we should take seriously some of the socialist agenda promoted by these ultra-left liberals. Items like “free” college/university, “free” healthcare and my personal favorite, open borders.

San Francisco as long been known as a “progressive” city and was one of the first major cities in the world to open the doors to gay and lesbian communities. A few years ago San Francisco became a “sanctuary city” and offer safe haven to illegal immigrants. As long as these illegals could make it to the city they would be cared for – housing, health, education – all the expense of the tax payers.

In 2017 San Francisco announced to the world just how “progressive” the citizens acquitted an illegal immigrant, 5 times deported for the murder of Kate Steinle.

As if that weren’t bad enough this morning I am reading comments on an article about the AntiFa lunatics attacking a Prayer group in Portland, Or over the weekend and see that, once again, progressive, ultra liberal San Francisco is in the news for all the wrong reasons. Apparently, there was 20 pounds of human waste dumped on a street corner for the whole world to see and experience.

When I clicked the link to read more about this nightmare, not only had this happened but the real picture of liberalism saturated in socialism/communism was presented right along side this article.

You are more than welcome to read any of this nonsense for yourself, but my point is, this is what socialism/communism looks like. I guess this is why people are fleeing California in droves. I just pray that as these people flee this nightmare they vote accordingly and don’t recreate this same socialist/communist nightmare where ever they land. If they do, it will only be a matter of time before this EXACT SAME SCENARIO shows up at their doorstep once again.

Here is what is reported in the SFGate today:

’20 pounds of human waste’ dropped on SF street

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